Spied BMW Cruiser what it is expected to get

  • BMW’s Cruiser Spy Shot
  • Air-cooled boxer twin
  • According to BMW’s insider, the displacement volume less than the mug used in the Oktoberfest (less than 2,000 cc because it is 1 L at one)
  • It will probably be 1,800cc
  • BMW’s naming pattern will be BMW R 1800 C
  • The official name is Departed
  • Large displacement empty oil cold engine
  • The specific figures are yet to be known
  • Details will be announced in the future
  • Rumor that BMW is developing a cruiser model was in the past similar to X DIAVEL and it was suposed to be boxer twin

In Dec 2018 BMW released its boxer engine via CUSTOM WORKS ZON  this could be the same engine is i feel as the engine is spyshot looks similar.

That is the manner by which Spy-shots of models that appear to be the commercial form of the precedent Departed are taken, yet they look very surprising. It is a cruiser typically.


Tires are additionally thick. Nonetheless, the inclination I saw is like the state of the rough motor. So the model of this covert agent shot looks great as a commercial form of Departed.

  • Two out muffler
  • Analog meter
  • LED tail lamp (probably the same blinker as S1000 RR)
  • With engine guard
  • Low long silhouette
  • Big front cowl
  • The rear box is probably a pannier case
  • With rear carrier
  • Handle mount mirror
  • The fog lamp is attached
  • Position not to throw foot

We will have to wait and watch as to how and when BMW unveils more information of this bike.

Source : Motorrad

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