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When it comes to changing motorcycle tyres, one of the main issue that always arises is that of CHOICE! Choosing a good motorcycle tyre is a guarantee to both its safety and a certain degree of comfort once it comes to driving. There are a lot of variables to be taken into consideration and it’s quite hard to say that one tyre is absolutely better than another. We must therefore rely principally on our type of ride (flexible or sporty) and on the use (urban, tour or sports) for a clear judgement.

In order to be able to tell which type of tyre suits what type of motorcycle, you may want to consider the following:

The dimension


By default, choosing a motorcycle tyre with the original dimensions of the motorcycle is the right move. Generally, it is advised that you don’t modify the width nor the height of the tyre, let alone the diameter of the rim. Every motorcycle is built for a specific dimension, same as yours. You could jeopardize the bike’s proper functioning by trying to modify the rim size. In addition, your insurance may refuse to cover your charges in case of a glitch or an accident saying you are on the wrong which is absolutely justifiable.

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The speed and load index

These vary closely according to the the size of the tyre; This is the maximum load and speed, to be respected. Though these indices may seem grossly exaggerated to you especially with respect to how you use your bike, it is worth respecting them because these were factors taken into consideration during testing. Of course, you can always choose a larger index than the original one; Reason simply being a greater index corresponds to a tyre which is able to withstand a load or a speed greater than the original ones.

Depending on the type of bike

It is important to choose your motorcycle tyres according to what you use your motorcycle for. Whether you are only on the road, only on the circuit, both, or off-road, you will have to choose the right tyres.

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The different types of tyres go together with the different types of motorcycles:

You will definitely go for the so-called “sport-touring” tyres if you have a roadster or a road trail and you are on the highway essentially. If you take a little stroll with your sports bike, you may rather want to go for the “hypersport” tyres, or even “circuit” if you are a fan of it.  If sometimes you find yourself driving along the trails with your motorcycle, choose Mixed on-Road/off-road tyres. Those who make off-road only (motocross, enduro, trial) will naturally be inclined towards “all-terrain” tyres, which are just top notch. Cruiser, Bobber and retro motorcycles also have tyres which are specific to their type: “Custom” tyres for one, and  “classic” tyres for the others. The classic tyres may still have the old tread designs, but rest assured, the compound out of which the synthesized rubber is made has been updated with the most recent of today’s technologies.


It is but normal to expect that all brands will not have the same price, given that the quality of the materials used in the manufacture of tyres varies with the type of tyres and the manufacturers too. Even with the same brand, you may end up realizing a purchase of motorcycle tyres online or in store,  may vary from supplier to another.

What class of tyre are you buying?

When a manufacturer renews a tyre profile, he can choose to continue to produce the old profile, which will then be called the second-class product. There may even be third-class tyres as well. The manufacturer guarantees that the first-class tire is packed with the latest technological innovations. The second and third lines are definitely not left out; These ones are current productions with, if not the latest technology, at least an updated synthesized rubber compound. This is often the right choice especially if you would like to just make ends meet.

Depending on you!

Though it may be the last criterion of choice, it is definitely not the least! In the very end of it all, it is your feeling with the tyres that is going to play the final part. For the same bike, the same size and the same type of tyres, there are differences between the marks. This can be the shape of the tyre, which is more or less rounded, which plays on the maneuverability and the ability to bank at an angle.

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