Track Expert Tony Garcia sharing his view on Yamaha R1M

Track Expert Tony Garcia sharing his view on Yamaha R1M

Yamaha R1M Review by Tony Garcia.

Introduction – Tony Garcia  is an track expert and has relevant experience in driving Yamaha R1M, driving on track since year and half and an ex MSF riding coach drives like Tony Stark (Iron Man) on track with his R1M. He has total 18 years of experience in driving bikes and has shared his review on Yamaha R1M with me exclusively for Currently works with as an brand ambassador. Tony is based in Los Angeles, USA.

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Below video shows Tony driving is R1M and sharing his thoughts abouts R1M’s agility on track.

We interacted with Tony and had few questions on Yamaha R1M.

Akash : Showroom from which you got your R1M?.

Tony : Purchased from Del Amo Motorsports Long Beach,California.

Akash : How is the electronic package of R1M?.

Tony : The electronics package on this bike was groundbreaking for Japanese motorcycles. Giving race technology to consumers. Other manufactures have since released their own or improved their existing packages (bmw for example).
The traction control settings, slide control, lif lift control and launch control are very good. I personally am not fast enough to make these work 100% of the time on the track.

The ohlins suspension is very good and can be adjusted to suit needs.  The YTRAC system on the M is very informative for a system from a manufacture! It can be tricky to use however.

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Akash : How does R1M behave on track and in normal traffic?

Tony : I ride track and street (commute). I have ridden Auto Club Speedway in Fontana and Chuckwalla Raceway in Desert Center.

On the track the M suspension is constantly adjusting electronically to suit the imu readings. Bike feels smooth and power is always there. I am a middle pack advanced group rider.

On the street the throttle response can be a bit much for cruising. The riding position is aggressive so long rides can be a bit rough on comfort. The M and base R1 is more of a track bike than road. (See : How Aprilia RSV4 performs).

Akash : How would you rate R1M for below parameters on the scale of 1 to 10. 1 being lowest and 10 being the highest?

Tony :

  • Advanced Technology : 10
  • Build Quality  : 8 (Had some recalls)
  • Powerful Engine  : 10
  • Appearance : 9
  • Efficient Braking System  : 7 (Poor Stock Brake Pads)
  • Riding Position : 6 for comfort 9- for track position

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Pics and Video Courtesy – Tony Garcia

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