EICMA 2021: New Husqvarna Norden 901 still up in the air

 EICMA 2021: New Husqvarna Norden 901 still up in the air

The video shows Despres and Horn travelling in a Husqvarna 4×4 vehicle through beautiful landscapes in the Norden 901 Prototypes.

There’s much exciting stuff in the background in the process, but what can we learn from this video? We’ve done a little digging to help us make sense of this newly released content.

About two months ago, Husqvarna released part one of its Exploring Iceland series.

It kicked off with some on-bike footage on the new Husqvarna bike that showed some extreme off-road action. The video also revealed that Husqvarna had constructed two Norden 901 prototype motorcycles for the trip around the island.

The first part of the Husqvarna exploring Iceland series left fans excited and eagerly awaiting more.

And we’re not just talking about the small part of the audience that’s already familiar with Husqvarna – we’re talking about adventure riders and motorcyclists in general.

After all, no one has ever seen anything like this before – and it may be a long time before we see something like it again.

Sixth teaser

Husqvarna has just released another video—the sixth in the series of “Sneaking Peek” videos surrounding the long-awaited debut of the Husqvarna 901 adventure motorcycle.

This one gives us a more in-depth look into what Cyril Despres and Mike Horn have been up to on their trek into the mountains,moto-touring and having fun.

Even though it’s not necessarily a commercial for the Norden 901, it sure does look like one. The thing is, when you can’t ride due to bad weather, you could at least dream about the trials presented in this video.

In this one, many of the things you see in the latest prototype resemble those from previous videos.

We also see something exciting! The new Norden 901 Prototype features a shattered screen after riding it through a particularly rough stretch of terrain.

There are rumours that Husqvarna will reveal new motorcycles at the EICMA 2021, but it’s unclear whether they’re planning to unveil new bikes for EICMA 2021 or wait until 2022 in Milan.

Regardless of when—or if—Husqvarna reveals new bikes, hopefully, they’ll bring something worthy of a Norden 901.


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