Husqvarna has done a great job of stepping up with its iteration on the adventure segment, which is growing more and more as a niche every year.

 It’ll be interesting to see how well this machine connects with the market once it’s out there come early 2022.

Dreamy Iceland

Well, we’re not there yet. In the video above, we get to see Husqvarna’s latest prototype in action through gorgeous footage shot in Iceland. All done Husqvarna crew and explorer Mike Horn and multiple Dakar Rally winner Cyril Despres take the ride of Norden 901 prototypes.


It looks like they get plenty of time riding through some of the island’s more challenging terrain. And even gets to sample the Norden 901 in a race alongside themselves on the same course.

That last bit might be my favourite viewing of all.It’s an excellent chance to get a feel for what the current Norden 901 is like compared to a top-tier competition bike.

It should be precious as Husky struggles to bring the Norden 901 to speed with other bikes.

This video is an exciting combination of the almost cinematic beauty of Iceland from a bird’s-eye view with the genuinely dynamic nature and feel of aerial videography.

It offers a fantastic insight into a breathtaking place no matter where your senses originate and gives excellent satisfaction after watching how smoothly this duo gets through the beautiful terrain.

Husqvarna produced the video to show the potential of Husqvarna’s new forward-thinking “Adventure Bike” concept.

They created the videos to capture what this could mean visually for Husqvarna’s brand and what it could do for their customers.

How does it feel?

Riding motorcycles is one of the most fun activities a human can perform. Not only does it get your adrenaline pumping, but it gives you a wonderful sense of freedom as the wind whips by you.

It also, however, poses some dangers that perhaps other sports don’t entail. A riding buddy is someone who’s able to share the risk and excitement of being out on a motorcycle with you.

It’s hard not to feel the same way when you get up in the morning and check the weather radar on your phone.

Are storms moving through today? Will they be strong enough to reschedule our ride?

It’s a constant mental back-and-forth that has you thinking less about what you need to do at work and instead more about when it will be time to go ride.  

Even if I’m at home with plans on riding later, I can feel my fingers itching for me just to get out the door. Sometimes that need is so strong. I pack my gear even when I don’t have any plans.

It doesn’t matter because it will take everything, and that is how we look at the new upcoming Norden 901 adventure tourer.

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