Lever guards are among the few tasteful modifications sportbike. And naked bike enthusiasts can opt for to enhance the aesthetic of their motorcycle. And add a functional piece of protection in the event of a tip-over.

It isn’t surprising that the most common parts to break during parking lot tip-overs and low-speed crashes are clutch and brake levers.

Installing a pair of lever guards adds a safeguard and protects your levers should your bike end up on its side.


They could also come in handy for those who ride in heavily populated areas. Where it is likely that your bike will slide into other parked motorcycles.


Lever guards are a popular choice among most sportbike riders, but they’re not all created equal.

There is no standard for lever guards from one manufacturer to another or even from one model to another of the same brand.

About the lever guard

At SW-Motech, they are always looking to make our products more functional and attractive with a stylish design.

They recently started exploring the possibility of creating lever guards that not only offer a new style. But also improve on what many consider an area where lever guards fail.Functionality and ease of installation.

A lever guard does just that guards levers against impact. The lever guard is a simple yet essential accessory any rider can install for an added layer of protection.

Installing lever guards may be as easy as clipping them on. But choosing the right pair requires knowing your motorcycle and picking one with attention to detail.

While the lever guards are great for keeping your levers away from any obstacles.They also double as a bar-end weight for your bike. A feature that’s sure to be appreciated by sportbike riders.

That way, you can easily position the levers so that they will act as counterweights. And fixate your handlebars at certain positions.


As with all SW-Motech products.The lever guards can be fitted and removed in just a minute or two without having to make any modifications to your stock setup.

They are robust, made up of aluminium and later anodized in a sleek black finish.

The good part is you can put this accessory on Yamaha, BMW Suzuki, Honda, KTM, Triumph and Kawasaki bikes. They arrive at $159 (Euro 135).

via SW-Motech

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