Honda patent reveals a hidden camera tech in future motorcycles.

 Honda patent reveals a hidden camera tech in future motorcycles.

Honda has filed a patent for a new Hidden Camera System. This system allows the motorcycle to detect obstacles, and it will alert the rider to take action.

Radar technology has now become a reality for motorcycles. To welcome the technology, a pioneer in this field is the new Ducati Multistrada V4.


The new Ducati Multistrada V4 is the first production motorcycle equipped with radar technology that enables adaptive cruise control and blind-spot detection functions.

Immediate with this, there comes a BMW R 1250 RT 2021 offering an adaptive cruise control together with radar technology.


Both the models use the same Bosch radar system, set according to the needs of the riders.

We also know Honda is working on an anti-collision radar system for Goldwing.

The solution that Honda offers may not be new, but at least it is an exciting solution. This system includes a camera hidden behind a small indentation in the upper part of the fuel tank. 

How it works?

A control box with a display comes mounted to the left side of the handlebars. The size of this unit is comparable to existing GPS systems and not so much to hide under the motorcycle. As for use?

Rich with a beautiful visual style, the research arm of Honda is filled with hidden technologies. 

The latest patent application reveals that the bike’s design to make it more attractive from an aesthetic perspective comes integrated with several radar sensors. 

This tactic may surprise some people because Honda has been working on this bike for a long time, and no one has noticed their innovation. 

Unlike the camera tech used in Subaru on four-wheelers, it will have two cameras at the front of the bike. To measure the distance of the object, Honda plans to have CMOS, MOS or CCD sensors.

The sensors will be placed inside the LED headlights in such a way that it will prevent the sensor from interfering with the LED headlights.

Benefits of patent

Now, this has multiple advantages.

  • Honda will not have to sacrifice the bike’s appearance as the sensor is placed inside the LED.
  • Number two, the image sensors will have the capability to provide a wide field of view, which again helps identify objects at a considerable distance.
  • With the help of a sorting processor, the mechanism will identify and differentiate between pedestrians and vehicles.
  • The camera sensor will also recognize the speed limit. Further, it will also identify illuminated brake lights and traffic lights.

Honda patents hidden Camera Tech. Honda has developed an innovative way to help prevent accidents by producing a revolutionary technology that will help lower the number of road accidents and be more economical for our health system. 

The key to this development is monitoring and tracking by video cameras and visually observing the driving behaviour on the road. 

This technology will be embedded in vehicles and motorcycles manufactured by Honda. 

By visually monitoring the driving behaviour of vehicles, we can protect cyclists and pedestrians on the side of the road from incidents that result in injury or even death.

via US Patents


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