SOL starts pre-orders for their Pocket Rocket E-Bike

 SOL starts pre-orders for their Pocket Rocket E-Bike

SOL pocket rocket is a lightweight electric two-wheeler designed for everyone looking for a smaller.Better and more versatile solution than a bike or scooter. 

SOL Pocket Rocket enables riders to forget about traffic jams, parking problems. And high fuel prices while providing the ultimate in convenience and utility.

The SOL Pocket Rocket has been designed from the ground up specifically for urban cyclists. 

Pocket Rocket

It is an innovative electric bike that seamlessly integrates into the urban environment. 

The Pocket Rocket is a fantastic little commuter bike. That can help you get from A to B in a fraction of the time it would take by car.  

It’s also efficient with almost zero tailpipe emissions making them perfect for city dwellers living in crowded.Smoggy and polluted environments.  

The efficient torque of the electric motor. And the bike’s lightweight means you can get around 25 miles out of a single charge.


The Pocket Rocket comes with a 58V, 2.5 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. SOL claims that the bike can reach up to 50 miles of range on a single charge. The 58V makes 8.5 hp.

The all-new 2021 Pocket Rocket E-Bike weighs in at an astonishing 55 kg (approximately 120 pounds). 

The stripped-down, barebones electric moped. Rides like a full-sized motorcycle offer power, performance, style and grace. 

The ultra-lightweight chassis allows higher speeds with quicker acceleration.The ride is lighter and smoother than its counterparts; the styling is breathtaking.

Retail price

The preorders start from 500 Euros($950). However, the total price starts at 5,980 Euros( $7,056). 

And the pre-bookings are open in multiple European countries like. France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden.

The Pocket Rocket was designed to be a fun and convenient way to get from A to B. 

Originally conceptualized as a motorcycle alternative for shorter commutes. The Pocket Rocket offers a unique blend of performance and style. 

via SOl Motors


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