What to expect from the upcoming Triumph Rocket 3 Black?

 What to expect from the upcoming Triumph Rocket 3 Black?

During the Triumph presentation, someone took the snapshot of the bikes. And the image somehow came out of the presentation area.

It is evident and clear from the image there isn’t just the Triumph Tiger 850 Sport.

Now, this becomes clear after the documents submitted to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

All these three bikes are powered with an inline-three motor. The centre image is Trident, and we will be able to see it on October 30th at 1 pm. 

The new Trident

The image on the right is Tiger 850 Sport a derivation from Triumph Tiger 900.

The new Triumph Tourer

Triumph presentation 

However, the image on the extreme left is a Tourer, and the front does match with the Tiger 900.

Comparison with the present Tiger 900

When we compare the front portion of the new Tourer looks more sleek and compact than the existing Tiger 900.


The colour on the bike looks different. At least on the image, it is different. With narrow tires the front forks are long, and they seem like forks on the Enduro bikes.


Comparing the new Tourer with present Tiger 900

As well the seat gets narrow. The seat and the fuel tank seems to blend well and looks curvy. The image also shows an increase in ground clearance. The present Tiger 900 has 203 mm.

Of course, we could also see the difference in the designs of the fairings.

While presenting we think it is the new Tiger which Triumph has in the image.

It is still unclear when Triumph will launch. However, if it does it has to be in 2021 as the present 2020 Tiger Rally range is compliant Euro5.

Expect the new Tiger to get more power and less weight and a price hike.

New Rocket 3 R Black and Rocket 3 GT Triple Black

Further, the mystery deepens as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency also gave the go-ahead to two new 2021 Rocket 3 variants. And they are Rocket 3 R Black and Rocket 3 GT Triple Black.

If we go back to the present 2020 Triumph Rocket 3.

A big round of applause to the Triumph engineers as they had stacked more power which is 165 hp and has cut down 39 kgs (88lbs) in the new 2020 Triumph Rocket 3.

However, filing the homologation documents suggests we could see more on Rocket 3 in the coming year.


Is it over-ambitious to see below features on the future Rocket 3?

  • A Radar tech on the new Rocket 3? Unlike Ducati working with Bosch since 2016 to bring an effective radar technology which makes the riding more safe.

    Radar technology by Ducati
  • The present Rocket 3 R and GT come with cast aluminium wheels. How about Magnesium wheels. Magnesium wheels manage the overheating of brakes much more effectively compared to other wheels.

    So the problem of overheating of brakes is solved. The additional advantage they look excellent. Magnesium wheels are light too. However, we don’t say they have disadvantages.

  • To enjoy the long rides and unlike Honda Goldwing can we also think of audio on the upcoming Rocket 3.

    Audio on Honda Goldwing
  • Also, a Smart Key system that enables ignition ON / OFF operation and steering wheel lock while carrying the key.

    Smart key on Honda Goldwing

  • Change in the paint schemes right now the Rocket 3 R comes in two paint schemes Korosi red and Phantom black.

    While the GT arrives in Phantom black and Silver ice and Storm grey. And our designers have come with the new paint scheme for Rocket 3 which we call it as Carbon black.
    Cover 2021 Triumph Rocket 3

LivingWithGravity’s colour Carbon black 

We had given a thought to the above features. However, we know the upcoming Triumph Rocket 3 R Black and Rocket 3 GT Triple Black are going to rock.


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