Radar technology has now become a reality for motorcycles. To welcome the technology, a pioneer in this field is the new Ducati Multistrada V4.

The new Ducati Multistrada V4 is the first production motorcycle equipped with radar technology enables adaptive cruise control and blind-spot detection functions.

Immediate with this, there comes a BMW R 1250 RT 2021 offering an adaptive cruise control together with radar technology.


Both the models use the same Bosch radar system, set according to the needs of the riders.

Bosch radar system

There is a patent on the radar system to be installed on the  Honda Goldwing 2021.

Radar Tech

We know the Bosch radar system is already present in a few Honda cars, so the German multinational company’s components can be used on the Honda Gold Wing 2021.

Though the doubt still exists on why should they use the same radar system as they are in cars?

The cars come equipped with a radar system hidden behind the flat sections of bumpers, whereas the bikes’ systems come exposed on the outer surface.

Honda faces the primary concern of hiding it all in its bikes as the radars can see through the materials, even plastics.

It’s the smooth character for the waves to travel through.

The objective of Honda is to fill the space between the radar sensor. And the body with a sporty material for preventing the vibrations from being transmitted to the sensor.

We know Honda already has started working on it, but how long we will see a Gold Wing equipped with radar still unknown.

Also, if Honda uses the system manufactured by Bosch, we do see it may not take time.

We shall wait for more and see.

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