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Honda to bring radar mechanism in its upcoming Goldwing

The recently leaked patent images of Glodwing show us Honda is ready to introduce its radar-based capabilities in their upcoming Goldwing. Ducati was the first to introduce this radar-based mechanism in the Multi V4, which comes in collaboration with Bosch. While on the other hand, we do see Kawasaki and KTM are ready to present this mechanism.  Plus the new BMW […]Read More

‘Cool Wing’ a Custom Honda Goldwing from Steady Garage

Steady Garage worked as a team with accomplices to deliver and create extraordinary parts for the motorcycle. For a moment, Mooneyes made the circle covers for the front edge. Platinum Air Suspension gave air stuns to help accomplish the hammered position without yielding the ride tallness. Maxima Imagen painted more than 33 singular parts. Electrical […]Read More

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