Custom Honda Goldwing

Steady Garage worked as a team with accomplices to deliver and create extraordinary parts for the motorcycle.

For a moment, Mooneyes made the circle covers for the front edge. Platinum Air Suspension gave air stuns to help accomplish the hammered position without yielding the ride tallness.

Maxima Imagen painted more than 33 singular parts. Electrical Connection gave spruce up parts.


To the extent innovation goes, the group didn’t hold back out. The motorcycle gets the first-historically speaking cruiser vulnerable side checking framework among the Gold Wing’s other current tech (Cub Group).

Rogelio’s Auto Upholstery manufactured the seat. In general, it took them one and a half months to bring the idea into the real world.

Steady Garage Co-organizer Kevin Dunn stated: “The task was extremely testing because of the Gold Wing’s new structure, as there was no direction from any current forms or activities that fit our style.

We expected to manufacture a custom Gold Wing that would be valued by riders everything being equal, interests and foundations. We needed to make it look cool without venturing far from usefulness.”

Source: Steady Garage

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