Electric : Dragonfly by Kodiak Motors

 Electric : Dragonfly by Kodiak Motors

About Kodiak Motors

Hi! our names are adam and isaac we are 2 bike riders and companions in Daytona Beach, Florida. With a tons of experience in bikes being conceptualized. Furthermore, continually constructing bikes. Building and structuring.

We thought of the ideal electric bike called “The Dragonfly”. it is light have a 48 volt engine with 2000watts of sheer power is road legitimate best speed is 50 mph (75 kmh)and goes between 50 to 60 miles relying upon conditions.

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Battery in electric vehicle is the heart and what makes the huge diverse our own is 48 volt 20 amps it is light and is set in its very own case so it tends to be expelled to charge far from the bicycle and is swappable in the event that you got a crisp one.

We prescribe to purchase an additional one. a large portion of our exploration and development is in the battery. the cells we use are top quality as is our b.m.s we are so glad and Shure with our item that we offer a full guarantee on it packed in for a long time or 30000 miles!!

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What is the Dragonfly?

  • The Dragonfly is a light weight 100% electric motorcycle.
  • Sporty look with a small durable design.

What are the Pros of owning a Dragonfly?

  • Small and light.
  • Easy to store, you can bring them inside like a regular bike.
  • Great commute for busy roads.
  • Street legal.
  • Fits on all elevators.

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Source : Kickstarter

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