Australia based Fonzarelli has brought an electric scooter with three different variants. Fonzarelli is driven by Michelle Nazzari.

The design of the Arthur that is the fourth motorcycle in the Fonzarelli’s lineup other being NKD, Fonzarelli S1, Fonzarelli X1 looks sleek, stylish and compact with 88 kgs of weight for Arthur 50 and Arthur 65 for Arthur 80 it is 98kg.

All the three variants get regenerative Braking, Reverse mode, Portable easy mini-charger, LCD display, LED lights throughout, Pillion passenger grips, Side-stand, Centre-stand, and Steering lock.

Arthur (50)
50 KM/H
50 KM Range
Electric, 3kW
Car licence*
$3990 or $36/weekˆ

Arthur (65)
65 KM/H
50 KM Range
Electric, 5.5 kW
$4990 or $45/weekˆ

Arthur (80)
80 KM /H
100 KM Range
Electric, 8 kW
$6990 or $59/weekˆ

You can shop the Arthur here 

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