Electric Motorcycles

  • Honda: Pocket Concept folding electric concept bike, SC e: Concept electric scooter with swappable batteries.
  • Kawasaki: Mystery Machine(s) – new bikes expected.
  • Suzuki: e-Burgman electric maxi-scooter, e-Choinori electric scooter, e-PO low-speed electric two-wheeler with pedals, Hydrogen Burgman hydrogen-powered two-wheeler concept, Moqba four-legged ride-on vehicle, Suzu-Cargo and Suzu-Ride electric ride-on four-wheelers.
  • Yamaha: E-FV Electric Fun Vehicle, ELove self-balancing electric motorcycle for disabled people, Motoroid2 sci-fi concept design, Rock Me On rocking, ridable creation for very young children.

Introduction to 2023 Japan Mobility Show motorcycle-ish concepts

The 2023 Japan Mobility Show, a successor to the iconic Tokyo Motor Show, marks a significant milestone in the world of mobility and transportation. Hosted by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA), this annual event promises to be a grand showcase of cutting-edge innovations, bringing together over 140 stakeholders in the mobility space.

What sets this event apart is its broader focus, encompassing not only automobiles but also a wide range of mobility solutions, including motorcycles and electric vehicles. Despite facing challenges posed by a global pandemic, JAMA’s determination to evolve and adapt to changing times has paved the way for a remarkable gathering of industry leaders and enthusiasts. In this article, we delve into the highlights of the 2023 Japan Mobility Show, with a special emphasis on the exciting world of motorcycles and motorcycle-adjacent technologies.

Mopeds and Scooters

  • Honda Pocket Concept: This folding electric concept bike is paired with a new electric car design called the Sustaina-C, reminiscent of Honda’s historical City and Motocompo pairing but in electric form.
  • Honda SC e: Concept: This electric vehicle is part of Honda’s e: series and likely uses the swappable Honda Mobile Power Pack e: battery system, although specific details about its range and capabilities are not clear yet.
  • HySE X1: While it has four wheels, the HySE X1 features a hydrogen motorcycle engine developed as part of a group effort by Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, and Toyota for the development of hydrogen engines for motor vehicles.
  • Kawasaki Mystery Machine(s): Kawasaki’s participation is anticipated, but no official information or teasers have been released as of October 19, 2023, leaving enthusiasts curious about what they will showcase.
  • Suzuki e-Burgman: An electric version of Suzuki’s popular Burgman maxi-scooter, powered by swappable batteries from the Gachaco consortium.
  • Suzuki e-Choinori: An electric version of the Choinori 50cc piston-powered scooter, designed to be visually appealing and low-speed.
  • Suzuki e-PO: An electric concept vehicle with pedals designed for riding on motorways, giving riders the option to use pedal power on occasion.

Hydrogen-powered and electric motorcycles

  • Suzuki Hydrogen Burgman: Suzuki’s first hydrogen-powered two-wheeler concept, reflecting the industry’s exploration of alternative fuels like hydrogen.
  • Suzuki Moqba: A unique ride-on vehicle with four legs, designed to navigate flat ground and stairs, with safety considerations in mind.
  • Suzuki Suzu-Cargo and Suzu-Ride: Electric four-wheelers with a snail-like design, offering efficient urban mobility.
  • Yamaha E-FV: An Electric Fun Vehicle with a similar size to the Grom, featuring Yamaha’s electric trials bike powertrain and simulated engine noises.
  • Yamaha ELove: Designed to self-balance using Yamaha’s Advanced Motorcycle Stabilization Assist System (AMSAS) to assist disabled individuals with mobility.

Self-balancing motorcycles

  • Yamaha Motoroid2: A futuristic concept aimed at bridging the gap between humans and machines, although specific functionalities are not mentioned.
  • Yamaha Rock Me On A rocking, ridable creation for very young children, with bells and a playful design.
  • Yamaha TMW: A hybrid leaning three-wheeler meant for off-road adventures, building on Yamaha’s Leaning Multi-Wheel technology.
  • Yamaha Tricera: An electric three-wheeler with rear-wheel drive, offering a unique concept between a motorcycle and a car.

The Japan Mobility Show appears to offer a diverse array of electric and alternative-fuel vehicles, concept vehicles, and mobility solutions, showcasing the evolving landscape of transportation in Japan and the broader mobility industry. It’s an exciting time for enthusiasts and those interested in the future of transportation.



As the 2023 Japan Mobility Show unfolds, it becomes evident the world of mobility is undergoing a profound transformation. This event, a natural evolution of the Tokyo Motor Show, has exceeded expectations by bringing together diverse stakeholders, pushing the boundaries of innovation, and introducing novel concepts and technologies. From Honda’s electric folding bike to Suzuki’s foray into hydrogen-powered two-wheelers and Yamaha’s futuristic designs, the future of transportation is vibrant and electrifying.

The show’s emphasis on motorcycles and electric vehicles underscores the industry’s commitment to sustainability and innovation. With each passing year, the Japan Mobility Show promises to inspire and shape the future of mobility with electric motorcycles, making it a must-visit event for enthusiasts and industry leaders alike. As we look forward to what lies ahead, it’s clear that the Japan Mobility Show has firmly established itself as a driving force in shaping the future of transportation with more and more electric motorcycles.


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