Lightweight 2023 Ducati Multistrada V4 RS are:

  • Lightweight: The Multistrada V4 RS is the lightest Multistrada ever, weighing 6.6 pounds (or 3 kilograms) less than the Multistrada V4 Pikes Peak.
  • Powerful: The Multistrada V4 RS is powered by the same 1,103cc Desmosedici Stradale V4 engine found in the Panigale and Streetfighter, producing 180hp and 87 lb-ft of torque.
  • Well-equipped: The Multistrada V4 RS comes with a wide range of electronic rider aids, including traction control, wheelie control, engine brake control, and up and down quickshifting. It also has a fully adjustable Öhlins suspension and Brembo Stylema monobloc brakes.
  • Versatile: The Multistrada V4 RS is a versatile bike that can be used for everything from touring to track riding. It has a comfortable riding position and a large fuel tank for long-distance rides, but it is also powerful and agile enough for sporty riding.


On October 19, 2023, Ducati unveiled a thrilling addition to its Multistrada family, the 2024 Ducati Multistrada V4 RS. This latest offering from the renowned Italian motorcycle manufacturer is a testament to Ducati’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of performance and innovation.

Designed to strike a perfect balance between superbike-level performance and touring capabilities, the Multistrada V4 RS boasts a range of high-end features and upgrades that set it apart in the world of adventure touring motorcycles.

Here’s a summary of the key features:


Powerful Engine:

  • Powered by a 1,103 Desmosedici Stradale V4 engine, which is the same as the one found in the Panigale and Streetfighter models.
  • Produces a claimed maximum of 180 horsepower at 13,500 rpm and 87 pound-feet of torque at 9,500 rpm.
  • Features an STM Evo-SBK dry clutch for a unique sound and high performance.

Suspension, Brakes, Wheels, and Tires:

  • Equipped with Öhlins fully adjustable front fork and monoshock in the rear, both electronically adjustable with Öhlins Smart EC 2.0.
  • Brembo Stylema monobloc four-piston callipers and large brake discs for braking performance.
  • 17-inch forged Marchesini alloy wheels paired with Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV Corsa tires.

Lightweight Dimensions:

  • The wheelbase of 1,592mm, a rake of 25.75 degrees, and a trail of 120mm.
  • Considered the lightest Multistrada ever, weighing around 520-521 pounds.

Special Features:

  • Carbon fiber front mudguard, hand guards, heat shields, and front beak.
  • New titanium subframe, reducing weight by 5.5 pounds.
  • Sportier ergonomics with higher and further back foot pegs and a sportier-shaped handlebar.


  • Equipped with a 6.5-inch TFT display.
  • Offers four power modes and various electronic rider aids like traction control, wheelie control, and engine brake control.
  • Four Ride Modes: Race, Sport, Touring, and Urban, as well as a Full Power Mode.

Color, Pricing, and Availability:

  • Available in an Iceberg White livery with MotoGP-derived graphics.
  • Pricing and availability vary by region. In the US, the MSRP starts at $37,995, and in Canada, it starts at $41,995.

For the most accurate pricing and availability information in your region, it’s recommended to contact your local authorized Ducati dealer. The 2024 Ducati Multistrada V4 RS seems to offer a blend of sporty performance and touring capability, catering to riders looking for a versatile and powerful motorcycle.


The 2024 Ducati Multistrada V4 RS represents a remarkable fusion of power, technology, and style. With its Desmosedici Stradale V4 engine borrowed from the Panigale and Streetfighter models, cutting-edge suspension, advanced electronics, and a focus on weight reduction, this motorcycle redefines the expectations for adventure touring.

Whether you’re a thrill-seeking rider or an adventurer at heart, the Multistrada V4 RS offers an exhilarating and dynamic riding experience. As Ducati continues to raise the bar in the world of motorcycling, the Multistrada V4 RS stands as a testament to their dedication to delivering top-tier performance and innovation to riders around the globe.

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