Electric : NXT Motors shows first model at Motor Show 2019.

 Electric : NXT Motors shows first model at Motor Show 2019.

NXT Motors is a new player in the motor world, comes from the Netherlands and is fully committed to the design and production of 100% electric motorcycles. The brand shows its first model at the Motor Show 2019 in Utrecht. The unveiling of this pre-production model will take place on the opening day of the fair, Thursday 14 February at 11.00 AM at booth C067 in Hall 7, the hall of the constructors.

The presence of NXT Motors at Motor Show 2019 should generate brand awareness. In 2019 the company wants to realize the sale of the engines on the home market, and by extension the entire BeNeLux. Reservations can be made from Motorbeurs 2019. The first NXT Motors models, NXT RAW and NXT RAGE, are naked bike models that motor enthusiasts must address who are looking for the ‘next-level machine’ that is suitable for both recreational use and commuting. The specifications are promising, but are not released today. These will be confirmed and certified in the spring of 2019, after which the reservations can be made final and can go into production. First deliveries are scheduled for the beginning of summer 2019.

NXT Motors, after testing the first prototype (2017), turned to completely monocoque frames made of carbon. That gives the engines their streamlined design and results in a weight reduction of 25% compared to traditional designs. The carbon monocoque frame achieves a certified strength with strength factor 4 – which is applicable in aviation – where strength factor 2 is the norm in the automotive industry. The initially chosen technical parts – such as battery, motor and controllers – remain the same. The number of parts needed to build this motorcycle is about 70% lower compared to a traditional motorcycle. Interaction with the rider takes place via a 7-inch display that provides all necessary driving information and also offers additional functions,

Harm Besseling, director and head of technical development adds: “Electric motors offer the opportunity to throw traditional designs overboard, and to go for what is truly groundbreaking. NXT Motors wants to offer its customers a motorcycle that uses the maximum of technical possibilities and offers them the ultimate experience. A powerful product, but also the data that an electric motorcycle develops, is the basis for that customer experience. In the pipeline of NXT Motors, alongside the Naked Bikes launched today, there are also extensions to other segments, including enduro, super sports and touring models. “

The road to electrification has been used irreversibly worldwide, while the motor industry is (still) lagging behind. With the development and construction of attractive and affordable powerful electric motorcycles, NXT Motors BV positions itself as a ‘game changer’ on the international motor market.Price is around 24,950 Euro.

Source : NXT Motors

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