BMW S1000RR Cover

Standard equipment of the new model S1000rr of 2019 model

  • BMW Motorrad ABS
  • ABS PRO (cornering ABS)
  • Dynamic traction control
  • DTC Willie Function
  • Hill-start control
  • Riding mode (Rain / Road / Dynamic / Race)
  • Shift Assist Pro (up and down quick shifter)
  • TFT meter
  • LED lighting machine
  • Assist & slipper clutch

Top Specs

  • 4 kg lighter new four-cylinder engine
  • 152 kW (207 HP) / 13,500 rpm, 113 Nm / 11,000 rpm · BMW shift cam installed. Variable valve timing stroke (new camshaft on the right).
  • A torque of at least 100 Nm occurs at 5,500 rpm to 14,500 rpm
    Linear torque curve. Improvement of rid-ability and controllability in low to medium speed range.
  • Dramatically improved ergonomics with flex frame and newly developed suspension. Improve handling by refined suspension geometry. Increased traction and obvious feedback in the threshold range are obtained.
  • Optional electronic control suspended DDC (dynamic damping control) is prepared.
    New valve and control technology.
  • Full Floater Pro kinematics, 300 g weight reduction of the new rear suspension.
  • 11 to 14.5 kg weight reduction from the current, the total weight is 197 kg of vehicle weight (193.5 kg in M ​​package).
  • The type exhaust system is lighter by 1.3 kg.
  • New riding modes. Standard is Rain, Road, Dynamic, Race.
    Pro mode is available as an option. Added three customisable race Pro modes. Pro mode can customise DTC, ABS, Willie control, throttle curve (torque adjustment), engine brake control, etc.
    Launch control in professional mode, adjustable pit lane limiter available as well.
  • Complete LED lighting machine and Tail lamp and blinker.
  • The new 6.5-inch meter realises excellent readability. Screens for public roads and three race screens (Core screens) are prepared.

Prices in Japan and Germany

  • 2019 model: 15,290 pounds (about 2,271, 1,100 yen)
  • 2018 model: 14,315 pounds (about 212,600 yen) TThe difference is 975 pounds. It is about 144,800 yen.
    Ah, surprisingly, the price range is low. Even though it changed so much. The current model in Japan is 2,272,000 yen, but it is a mystery what kind of package the new S1000 RR in Japan is, so it is a mystery whether it simply becomes a price raised by more than ten thousand yen.
  • M package: 3,500 euros (about 448,600 yen)
  • Lace package: 1,490 euro (about 190,000 yen)
  • Dynamic package: 1,090 euro (about 139,700 yen)

In Germany, the price is 18,750 euros. Approximately 2,430,000 yen.

  • Package M:  About 2,851, 1,800 yen
  • Lace package: Approx. 2,594,200 yen
  • Dynamic package: Approx. 2,542,000 yen

Approximately, the value added to each package and vehicle price is like this. I think that the price in Japan will rise above Kore.


It is around the spring of 2019 in Germany. Japan will be late. How long will it be lost is a mystery.


It seems the prices will not rise so much unexpectedly, so this is a good idea.
Looks, specifications, equipment, price and everything are all included. It seems likely to sell a new model.

The official page is here. 

M comes equipped with performance parts.

M Package

  • Pro mode
  • Motor Sports Paint Finish
  • Carbon Wheel
  • Lightweight battery
  • Sports seat
  • M chassis kit (rear height adjustment and swingarm pivot adjustment)

Dynamic Package

  • Dynamic damping control (electronically controlled suspension)
  • Grip heater
  • Cruise control

Lace Package

  • Pro mode
  • Forged wheel
  • M lightweight battery
  • M chassis kit (rear height adjustment and swingarm pivot adjustment)

Other options

  • Alarm system (Anti-theft system)
  • Single-seat cover
  • RDC tire pleasure control (tire pressure monitor)
  • Emergency Call

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