Electric : Suru unveils first E Scrambler Bike

 Electric : Suru unveils first E Scrambler Bike

About SURU 

Established in of 2016 by five accomplices, SURU structures and assembling quality electric versatility items for the worldwide individual portability showcase. The SURU line of electric mopeds are made in Canada for quality, and sold everywhere throughout the world.

About Michael Uhlarik

Michael is a cruiser industry veteran with experience of 16 years and creating vehicles for brands like Yamaha, Piaggio Aprilia, and Bombardier. Pioneer of electric bikes and an expert,consultant and lecturer on the future of motorcycles.


SURU Cycles are produced in Canada of superior quality, and are the main electric bicycles that include US Department of Transportation (DOT) and Transport Canada consistent, cruiser review wheels, tires and lighting on in a lightweight bicycle for an unrivaled driving knowledge, without the requirement for a permit or protection.

SURU is another idea that coordinates bike review, front and back suspension, lighting, and electric powertrain stockpiling into a perfect, rich and vigorous plan. Utilizing exclusive innovation created for the Amarok P1 electric dashing bike, SURU Scrambler includes an electric scope of 70 km on street utilizing throttle just, or it tends to be accelerated like a bike. The removable, lockable battery and all the power hardware are securely coordinated inside the edge where they are shielded from climate and burglary. A full charge takes 3.5 hours.

Source : Suru

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