Energica adds performance and shades to its 2022 models

 Energica adds performance and shades to its 2022 models

Italian electric motorcycle manufacturer Energica unveiled its 2022 lineup this week, marking its third production year. The Energica Ego, Eva Ribelle, and EsseEsse9 will keep their names in the new year, but there are a few surprises regarding equipment and colour options.

Established in 2014, Energica’s goal was to produce the most prestigious, innovative, and fast Italian electric motorcycles. The firm has stayed true to its roots, offering high-quality bikes that maximize performance. Currently, the brand offers multiple electric motorcycles. They are known for their acceleration and handling.

Energica sought to roll out new models that are more refined and more powerful than its original Ego. The EMCE system offered by Marvel offers these benefits and has a better total cost of ownership, production costs, and energy efficiency.


The company says the new motor is more compact, generates more torque and weighs 22 pounds less than the original. It also offers increased acceleration and braking power with refined power delivery algorithms. 

The EMCS sensors make sure the operational data is collected to make sure the bike receives peak performance.

The new liquid cool motor now operates in harsh conditions and provides 5 to 10 % more range.

And the power goes up from 145 hp to 169 hp with the same to 158.6 torque. Along with Energica’s latest battery, the EMCE makes sure you get the 260 miles (418 km) range, 153 miles (246 km) in varied conditions and 123 miles (197 km) on the highway.

Further, the EsseEsse9 now arrives with the two-tone saddle, while Eva Ribelle and Ego now get new graphics.

Eva Ribelle now comes in Bormio Ice and Riviera Green. The Ego comes in Stealth Gray, Metal Black and Rosso Corsa shades.

Energica had made sure the EsseEsse9 also gets Sunrise Red shade. As for the pricing, it is still under the wraps.

Source : Energica


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