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Energica in the process to build voice control

Exciting news, with the advancement of technology, Energica is building voice control for their motorcycles.  From something as simple as “turn on left Indicator” to something as complex as “Set traction control to level 2.” This bike will be able to do it all.  Honda brings Android auto integration for Africa Twin Kawasaki to get […]Read More

All about the 2021 Energica models

Energica plans to introduce three different 2021 variants and they fall under there RS category. Kymco teases CV2 concept Savic brings three variants Nico Rosberg to give away his Energica Ego All about Aprilia RS660 Eva EsseEsse9+ The sports machine Ego and  Eva Ribelle In Europe, all models are sale from November 2020. What do […]Read More

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