The collaboration 

Reinova, a group of companies located in the heart of the Motor Valley. Working in several research development fields from Product Development to Powertrain, Aerodynamics and Ride Dynamics. 

Thanks to its electric and hybrid powertrains expertise. Reinova was asked to assist Energica on materials and processes design for its future models.

In a three year deal, both these electric brands test and develop the upcoming Energica products.


The new facility at Reinova’s headquarters in Rodano, Italy. This will allow Energica to develop products that further reduce their impact on the environment and lower costs and get help from the applied expertise of Reinova’s R&D. 

The facility has a 10,000 square-meter (107,639 square-foot) area where Energica will develop future models.


CEO of Reinvoa, Giuseppe Corcione, said

“We are building a pole of excellence for supporting the transition to sustainable mobility in the heart of the Motor Valley, in Soliera (Modena). 

Within our 10,000 square meter factory, we will have a highly qualified team. And unique equipment in the area. We will be the only laboratory in Italy to offer a complete service. 

A gradual change is underway, which involves the transition to a new paradigm. The transition from endothermic to electric propulsion is not a simple technical adaptation of the different types of vehicles.”

via Modenatoday, Reinova


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