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Energica and Reinova collaborate to share their expertise

The collaboration  Reinova, a group of companies located in the heart of the Motor Valley. Working in several research development fields from Product Development to Powertrain, Aerodynamics and Ride Dynamics.  Thanks to its electric and hybrid powertrains expertise. Reinova was asked to assist Energica on materials and processes design for its future models. Piaggio unveils […]Read More

Top 10 freshest, hottest and most likeable electric motorcycles

Electric Motorcycles and Market The reports from Marketsandmakets predicts the global electric scooter and motorcycle market size projected to grow from 861 thousand units in 2020 to 5,948 thousand units by 2027, at a CAGR of 31.8%. COVID-19 and its impact Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many countries had imposed a complete lockdown of more than two […]Read More

Energica Ego Tech Specs

While Energica has updated 2021 models like the Eva Ribelle RS and Eva EsseEsse9+ RS and fall under the RS segment. Here are the tech specs of three different Energica Ego models. Aprilia to bring the RS400 and Tuono 400 Hero to increase the prices of there products Damon brings two additional variants Bullit brings […]Read More

Nico Rosberg to give away his Engerica Ego

German Formula 1 champion Nico Rosberg for a deserving cause is giving away his Energica Ego. Rosberg will handover the Ego in Monaco. Good part well for motorcycle all the necessary costs like shipping, flight and hotel are involved. Very recently Rosberg has initiated a project called Nestwärme eV that effectively raises money to support disabled […]Read More

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