A production year from hell turned into a bright future for millions of electric vehicle producers, including Energica. 

Despite volatile economic conditions and emissions concerns. That caused factories to close and production numbers to plummet, motorbike sales have soared. 

EVs are higher-performing, cleaner, more fun, and more affordable than they’ve ever been before. 


After years of contending with lacklustre products like the BMS FXX or Terra – e-bikes. That either couldn’t keep up with gas bikes or cost twice as much as their ICE counterparts without offering equal performance.Electric bikes lost their mojo in the market.

But all of those problems have just about disappeared now.

Energica is exploding across the motorcycle marketplace with an almost unprecedented growth rate. 

Its high-voltage machines offer a new philosophy for biking.A high-tech direct drive experience that’s also easy for riders to get the hang of right from the start.

With this, the Modena based electric marquee Engerica had posted a 91 per cent increase in sales in 2020. And the same momentum continues in the first six months of 2021.

Swedish presence

Further, Energica has also appointed a new dealer in Sweden. One of the responsibilities of this dealership (Täby’s ProBike Sverige AB) is to work with other offices in Malmo, Goteborg and Stockholm.

Unlike Energica’s presence in North America since March 2021. Sweden will provide a healthy market for Energica when it comes to North Europe.

Sweden focused on implementing strategies to increase plug-in interests, enthusiasts such as Energica are seizing opportunities to invest in infrastructure. 

Finland is currently establishing several EV incentives, including increasing charging station accessibility and lowering taxes for electrified vehicles. 

While Norway switches from all fossil fuel-powered motorways and bridges.Sweden continues to set global trends by being the first country to ban licenses for gasoline-only cars, which will go into effect in 2025.


With this Energica, today has 90 dealers across the globe, and its workforce has grown by 17 per cent. The additional crew will make sure they work with Mavel, Engerica’s recent partner, to build the rider-to-motorcycle voice command system.

Energica is growing so fast that it’s almost time to extend its Via Scarlatti headquarters in Varese, Italy.No matter what, we see an upward Energica graph in 2021.


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