Two years of normal operations at Norton Motorcycles have given TVS some distance. From the seemingly interminable series of lawsuits resulting from the actions of former Norton CEO Stuart Garner.  

Those cases drag on, but Norton says they are now entering a final phase (at least from the company’s perspective). It appears that NMUL is now ready to answer for its misdeeds in court.

However, NMUL Realisations Limited, the company that owns Norton Motorcycles. And is the successor to the old Norton Motors, is in hot water – again.


It seems they’ve been operating with some glitchy robot on their side. The V4SS saga has, seemingly, been going on forever.And it’s funny how the most recent decade of history (or, instead, the lack thereof) seems to be just a blip in the grand scheme of things. 


V4SS debacle

And now, as per the interview with SuperBike Magazine, Robert Hentschel, current CEO of Norton. Wants to bring the next-gen V4SS at the Motorcycle Live show in the U.K. somewhere around the end of 2021. 

However, the talk of the town is that NMUL stripped the V4SS bikes, which Superbike Magazine has unearthed.

Unfortunately for its customers, many of the V4SSs that were delivered were practically unsafe.

NMUL had a big vision and promised to deliver cutting edge motorcycles that were going to revolutionize the industry. The keywords here are “big” and “promise.” 

Unfortunately, time and time again, NMUL broke these promises. However, they are trying to sort the issue. Later few customers shared their stories.

Between 09 September 2019 and 12 November 2019, Simon Peter Skinner caused and allowed NMUL Realizations Limited to remove parts off of at least six customers’ fully paid for. And owned motorcycles that had returned under warranty (“warranty customers”). 

With values totalling at least £123,000 for use on other customers’ motorcycles resulting in the motorcycles of the warranty customers remaining incomplete as of the date of Administration.

Before Insolvency Service’s report, Skinner was retained by Norton Motorcycles administration in their design unit. 

However, related to the V4SS debacle, when asked to former CEO John Russel and current CEO Robert Hentschel, they both defended Skinner.

via Superbike Magazine and Insolvencydirect



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