Mahindra and Mahindra in collaboration with TVS Motors to make flex-fuel

 Mahindra and Mahindra in collaboration with TVS Motors to make flex-fuel

India has slowly been taking the initiative to phase out vehicles that run on conventional fuels. Due to the pressing matter concerning global warming and environmental pollution. 

An electrically heated motor requires almost zero maintenance for lubricant oil changes. Or any other such routine checkups. 

Many leading commercial. And residential complexes in India have also begun investing in solar-powered electric pumps rather than traditional diesel engines.

Many vehicles will use a combination of technologies that aren’t limited to just electric or engine types. 

These technologies will involve two-wheelers with flex-fuel engines. That leverage alternate sources of energy like ethanol and biodiesel. 

The strategy

Mahindra and Mahindra ensured this would happen as they put together a strategic partnership with TVS Motor Company for the development of a flex-fuel engine. As well as associated manufacturing and infrastructure expertise.

Currently, the Indian market is dominated by electric scooters manufactured by the likes of Bajaj Auto and Kinetic. 

Modelled around tech giants like Tesla Motors, these electric scooters are tailored explicitly towards urban commuting. 

However, if you think that’s it, there’s much more to come. Mahindra and Mahindra, the makers behind the Thar off-roader.Will be collaborating with TVS Motor Company to develop a new generation of flexible-fuel motorcycles which will run on CNG (compressed natural gas), petrol and even methanol.

Incidentally, in the search for an alternative fuel that is cheaper. And readily available to power-starved India (with all its potential advantages), the government is now actively encouraging the usage of ethanol as a viable fuel source.

Although the government has pushed for the technology with implementation in sight after 2025. TVS and M&M are already busy studying the viability of flex-fuel engines in India. 

Using ethanol as an alternative fuel does make much sense, given that it’s already quite popular in India. 

It is a better solution than bio-diesel since ethanol production is more environmentally friendly than bio-diesels. 

It would also allow automobile manufacturers to leverage third-party vendors. To supply ethanol-blended fuels instead of spending time and capital on developing such capabilities themselves.

via Economic Times

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