Yamaha’s XS650 is a mongrel of a motorcycle—one big enough to please every rider but swapped and hacked by just about every skilled builder. Simone Conti may be custom’s most dedicated disciple, having made it his mission to birth the ultimate retro street tracker from Yamaha’s little dual-carb 650.

The custom

There’s no hiding the fact that the Yamaha XS650 is a potent force in the custom world. But beyond its ability to look good on a motorcycle, he has a genuine talent for being built into whatever you want.



The front end looks exquisite.

Simone Conti, the owner and creator of this bike, wasted no time jumping on his first two-wheeler at an early age. From this humble beginning, he developed a love for motorcycle-related things.

The transformation is impeccable and precisely what we’d expect from a builder like Conti, though the now-eagerly anticipated bike makes for good inspiration for future builds.


We know Conti likes a challenge. His latest job is to give an XS650 Yamaha motorcycle a clean, custom-built look without losing its retro roots. A challenging feat, as Corti admits, it could be a better-looking model in its stable. Corti had to let go of several key features from the original, turning the XS650 into an actual work of art.


All those details in the middle set this custom apart

So only the stock air-cooled, 654cc, parallel-twin engine, five-speed transmission, wheelset, and rear drum brake stays. While we see Conti made changes in the frame with an aluminium frame instead of the tubular steel cradle, and he has put a custom-made sportbike-style swingarm in place of the original dual-shock unit.

Further, we see the front end borrowed from Honda CBR600RR supported by Ohlins mono shock, Avon Speedmaster front tire and Brembo callipers. On the rear, we see drum bakes and Dunlop K825 rear rubber.

The talented Conti

The custom Yamaha XS650 was built as a timeless classic. The custom has rider ergonomics, a headlight cluster, fairing gills, a stinger-like tail unit, and angular aesthetic sets. Conti’s build has the perfect balance of performance upgrades, keeping it easy to maintain without going overboard.


Rear looks ethereal 

The bike marries old and new, with exhaust heat shields, rear wheel discs, brake scoops and a rear hugger. The pod filters protectors we see are constructed from carbon fibre. 

Further, a custom exhaust unit is made from neatly cut carbon fibre. The boldest thing about this bike is its colour. 

Bold and beautiful

It’s designed with styling cues that echo the wild racing superbikes of the 1970s, but it’s finished with an aquamarine/silver paint job that blends 1950s-era pinstripes on the machine.


Work of art

Source: Motostation and Simone Conti


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