Jaime Busto - GASGAS Factory Racing - X-Trial Round 4, France (3)

GASGAS Factory Racing’s Jaime Busto has maintained his 100 per cent podium record in the 2023 FIM X-Trial World Championship, claiming a third-place finish at last night’s round four of the series in Bordeaux, France.

  • Busto is on the podium for the fourth consecutive time
  • Spanish star consolidates second in championship standings
  • A steep X-Trial learning curve continues for Sondre Haga

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Just as he did last time out in Pamplona, Busto hit the ground running with his single penalty in the opening lap of five sections giving him a four-mark advantage over defending champion Toni Bou.


Jaime Busto - GASGAS Factory Racing - X-Trial Round 4, France (3)

With the course reduced to four sections, Bou closed the gap during the second lap, but with the scores combined, the 25-year-old GASGAS rider still qualified for the three-man final in first position, with a single-mark advantage.


However, for the final, the scorecards were wiped clean, and with six sections to decide the eventual outcome, the atmosphere in the Arkea Arena was electric.

With all three finalists failing the opening section, two marks lost on the second hazard saw Busto one spot behind Bou and tied with Adam Raga. Frustratingly, Busto dropped to third in section three after adding another mark to his score.

Jaime Busto - GASGAS Factory Racing - X-Trial Round 4, France (3)


Digging deep, Busto fought his way back into contention in the night’s final three sections, but although he pulled a mark back on Raga, he lost second place on a tie-break.

With three rounds still to go, Busto is just 20 points behind Bou but now has a 13-point cushion ahead of the third-placed rider Gabriel Marcelli.

In his second entire FIM X-Trial World Championship season, Haga was forced to negotiate a steep learning curve, and his indoor education continued in Bordeaux.

An opening-round score of 20 put him on the back foot, and although he improved in round two, he was never in contention for a place in the final.

Jaime Busto - GASGAS Factory Racing - X-Trial Round 4, France (3)


The series now takes a break for the FIM TrialGP World Championship and resumes October 7 in Andorra.

Jaime Busto: “I’m thrilled to maintain my podium results. I started well with a solid first and second lap. It was a pity that I made some mistakes in the final. I was tied on points with Adam and in the section to decide I missed my opportunity. Nevertheless, I’m happy with the points taken for the championship. We’ll keep going strong.”

Sondre Haga: “Personally, it wasn’t the best day. I felt good with the bike – especially on the first lap – but in indoor trials, it’s easy to have a five. I made some errors in the second lap, which cost me a lot of marks, and that was it. I need to forget this and focus on the next one. We’ll keep working hard for it. I want to thank the team for their job and the great bike.”

Jaime Busto - GASGAS Factory Racing - X-Trial Round 4, France (3)


1. Toni Bou (Montesa) 8 points (final)

2. Adam Raga (TRRS) 12 (final)

3. Jaime Busto (GASGAS) 12 pts (final)

4. Toby Martyn (Montesa) 17

5. Gabriel Marcelli (Montesa) 21

6. Matteo Grattarola (Vertigo) 26

7. Benoit Bincaz (Sherco) 29

8. Aniol Gelabert (Beta) 29

9. Sondre Haga (GASGAS) 36

2023 X-Trial Championship Standings (after Round 4)

1. Toni Bou (Montesa) 79 points

2. Jaime Busto (GASGAS) 59

3. Gabriel Marcelli (Montesa) 46

4. Adam Raga (TRRS) 45

5. Toby Martyn (Montesa) 21

6. Benoit Bincaz (Sherco) 13

9. Sondre Haga (GASGAS) 6

11. Marco Mempor (GASGAS) 1

Source : GAGSGAS and Rideapart

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