1972 Ferrari 365

The 1972 Ferrari Daytona is a fascinating, unique vehicle with an exciting history. It has undergone extensive restoration, which adds to its appeal and potential value. The car’s connection to Mr Elie F. Ayache, a Lebanese Ferrari dealer, and its involvement in gold smuggling certainly adds an intriguing element to its story.

1972 Ferrari 365

Daytona design

The Daytona’s design, created by Pininfarina, is renowned for its sleek and timeless style, and the bodywork crafted by Scaglietti further enhances its appeal. With only 1,284 Berlinettas produced, the Daytona is a rare and sought-after model among car enthusiasts and collectors.


The car’s journey from Lebanon to Hungary, Germany, and finally Belgium, where it underwent a thorough restoration, showcases its international history and the dedication of previous owners to preserve its authenticity. The fact that the restoration process was well-documented with photographs adds further credibility to the car’s condition and authenticity.

1972 Ferrari 365


It’s worth noting that the current owner repainted the vehicle black and fitted Borrani wire wheels, which might be a departure from its original Azzurro Metallizato colour with a black Nero interior. However, the shades can still be appreciated as part of the car’s history and heritage. The price of this car is $ 729 000.

If you’re interested in the Daytona, look at the provided pictures to get a visual sense of its condition and unique features. Additionally, arranging a personal appointment with the seller would allow you to discuss further details, such as the restoration process, the car’s mechanical condition, and any other specific information you may require.


Overall, this Daytona offers an opportunity to own a piece of automotive history with an intriguing backstory. Whether you are a passionate Ferrari enthusiast or a collector looking for a rare and restored classic car, this Daytona could be an exciting prospect.

1972 Ferrari 365

About 1972 Ferrari 365

The 1972 Ferrari Daytona, officially known as the Ferrari 365 GTB/4, is a legendary sports car with a special place in automotive history. Introduced as the successor to the Ferrari 275 GTB/4, the Daytona debuted at the Paris Motor Show in 1968.

The unofficial name “Daytona” is derived from the car’s impressive performance in the 24 Hours of Daytona race in 1967, where it achieved a triple victory. This iconic race result helped solidify Daytona’s reputation as a high-performance machine.


Under the hood, the Ferrari Daytona is powered by a front-mounted, 4.4-litre V12 engine that produces around 352 horsepower. It features six Weber carburettors and is mated to a five-speed manual transmission, allowing for exhilarating acceleration and a top speed of over 170 mph (275 km/h).

1972 Ferrari 365


The Daytona’s performance capabilities and striking design have made it a highly sought-after collector car. It is considered a rare and valuable classic, with only 1,284 examples of the Berlinetta version built during its production run.

Source: Classicdriver

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