The Shift Towards Electric Mobility

The automotive world is undergoing a significant transformation, with electric vehicles (EVs) at the forefront of this change. Among the leaders in this shift is BMW, a brand synonymous with performance and innovation. BMW’s M division, known for its high-performance cars, is not staying behind in the electric surge. In embracing electric mobility, BMW M is setting a new standard for what performance can mean in the electric age.

BMW M’s Commitment to Electric Performance

BMW has made clear its commitment to electric mobility, and this extends deeply into its M division. The introduction of models like the i4 M50, i5 M60, iX M60, and i7 M70 M Performance have already showcased BMW M’s capability to blend performance with electric efficiency. However, the real game changer lies in the development of a dedicated M car that features a cutting-edge quad-motor electric powertrain.

The Revolutionary Quad-Motor Powertrain

In 2022, BMW M announced the testing of a quad-motor electric powertrain, a setup that promises unmatched performance dynamics. This powertrain utilizes two motors at each axle, which allows for individual control of each wheel. The advantages of this are manifold. It offers precise torque distribution, enhanced grip on slippery surfaces, and improved stability through curves, making it a true performer under various driving conditions.


The Spy Shots Heard Around the World

Recently, a more advanced version of BMW M’s electric test mule was spotted during cold-weather testing. This vehicle wasn’t just a regular test mule; it was an i4 M50 disguised with elements from the M3 and M4, specifically adapted to improve cooling and torsional rigidity. Spy shots revealed significant modifications like a unique grille, a redesigned rear diffuser, and notably swollen fenders to accommodate the robust electric motors.

Enhancing Handling with Individual Wheel Control

The individual wheel control enabled by the quad-motor setup is a technological marvel. By allowing each wheel to be controlled separately, the system can optimize the torque distribution based on numerous factors including steering angle, accelerator pedal position, and external driving conditions. This results in a driving experience that is not only safer but also more responsive and enjoyable.

Linear Power Delivery: A Core BMW M Characteristic

BMW M is developing its electric vehicles to deliver power in a linear fashion, contrary to the aggressive power delivery seen in many current EVs. This approach ensures smoother acceleration and enhances the overall driving experience. An example of this can be seen in the Rolls-Royce Spectre, which also features linear power delivery, showcasing BMW’s commitment to refined electric performance.

The Future of BMW M Electric Cars

While BMW M has not disclosed specific details about the battery technology being used in their current tests, it is anticipated that the upcoming Neue Klasse EVs from BMW will feature the sixth-generation battery design. These batteries are expected to use cylindrical cells which could improve the range by 30% compared to current BMW EV batteries.

As for the launch of the first fully electric M car, the timeline remains unclear. However, the ongoing tests suggest that we might soon see an electric i4 M or perhaps an M variant of a Neue Klasse model. There are also rumors about the next M5 featuring an electric powertrain option alongside a traditional V-8 hybrid setup.

Conclusion: BMW M’s Electric Future Looks Bright

BMW M’s foray into electric mobility is not just about keeping up with trends. It’s about redefining what performance means in the electric era. With its innovative quad-motor powertrain and focus on enhancing driving dynamics through advanced technology, BMW M is poised to continue its legacy of performance in the rapidly evolving automotive landscape. The future of performance is electric, and BMW M is at the helm of this exciting transformation.


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