Introduction to the 2027 GLS-Class Facelift

The Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class is gearing up for a major makeover. Known for its luxury and sizable presence on the road, the GLS-Class has already captured the hearts of SUV enthusiasts worldwide. As we approach the 2027 model year, Mercedes-Benz is preparing to introduce a second facelift for the current generation of this full-size SUV.

This move is somewhat unusual for the brand, which typically doesn’t update its vehicles more than once per product cycle. However, with evolving market demands and technological advancements, it seems Mercedes is keen on keeping the GLS-Class fresh and relevant.

A Sneak Peek at the New Design

A recently spotted prototype, heavily clad in camouflage, hints at what’s to come for the Maybach-enhanced GLS-Class. The disguise suggests that we can expect an entirely new front end, including a redesigned grille, cutting-edge headlights, and a revamped fascia. While the prototype retains much of the current GLS-Class’s body, these changes promise to inject a fresh vibe into the model, making it a head-turner on the streets.


Potential Powertrain Updates

As for what lies under the hood, Mercedes is keeping details under wraps. However, speculation is rife about new powertrain configurations, particularly plug-in hybrid options. This would align with the industry’s shift towards more sustainable driving solutions.

Additionally, there’s chatter about the regular GLS-Class possibly losing its V-8 engine option, mirroring changes seen in the updated 2025 G-Class. The latter now reserves its V-8 solely for the AMG G 63 model. Such a move could signal a broader strategy of streamlining engine offerings while focusing on performance and efficiency.

Why Another Facelift?

The decision to introduce a second facelift for the GLS-Class can be attributed to a few strategic factors. Firstly, the slower-than-anticipated uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) has prompted Mercedes to prolong the life of its combustion engine models.

Initially, the automaker planned to transition fully to electric vehicles by 2030, but recent statements suggest a more gradual phase-out of traditional engines. By refreshing the GLS-Class, Mercedes ensures that it remains attractive to consumers who are not yet ready to switch to EVs.

Keeping the Competition on Its Toes

This update is not just about keeping pace with consumer preferences but also about staying ahead in the competitive luxury SUV market. With rivals consistently upgrading their lineups, Mercedes-Benz needs to maintain its edge by offering the latest in style, technology, and performance.

The GLS-Class, especially with the prestigious Maybach badge, is a key player in the brand’s portfolio, representing the pinnacle of luxury and exclusivity.

What This Means for Mercedes Enthusiasts

For fans of the brand, the upcoming facelift means that the GLS-Class will not only offer new aesthetic and technological updates but will also continue to provide the performance and luxury they expect from Mercedes-Benz. It also means more choices in a market that is increasingly dominated by discussions of electric drivetrains and environmental considerations.

Conclusion: A Smart Move by Mercedes-Benz

By planning a second facelift for the GLS-Class, Mercedes-Benz demonstrates its commitment to adapt and respond to market trends while still catering to its traditional customer base. This approach not only extends the lifecycle of the GLS-Class but also enhances its appeal among luxury SUV buyers who value both innovation and tradition. As we await more details on the 2027 model, one thing is clear: the new GLS-Class is poised to be a dynamic blend of the old and the new, perfectly suited for the discerning motorist.

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