For motorcycle enthusiasts BMW to roll out a new K 1600 models

 For motorcycle enthusiasts BMW to roll out a new K 1600 models

A new BMW K 1600 will enter the production phase sometime next year, after which the updated models will be hitting the streets in 2022.

BMW has not officially announced any new models for its “K1600” lineup. But these findings suggest that the new variants are already in the works.

The German manufacturer has registered type-approval documents with the department of transport. Which includes details on its new engine control unit (ECU).

The K 1600 is a big six-cylinder that BMW has been putting out there for a few years now.

Fans of the K 1600 have been waiting for an update because BMW tends to keep their bikes going long after outdated models.

In this case, it appears they will be updating the models soon with a new engine, exhaust, and mapping. However, BMW still needs to announce the performance specs of the 2022 K models.

The present lineup of K 1600 models will continue to be sold in the meantime.

While it is unclear if BMW will apply for any future designs for this motor on the K 1600 series.

BMW will most likely target performance-oriented motorcycle enthusiasts with its new lower displacement power plant.


For the current K1600 model, BMW made sure that the engine is very powerful.

Thus, it can generate up to 160.4 PS @ 7750 rpm at the rear wheel, along with 175 Nm @ 5250 rpm torque.

These figures are more than enough for blasting past traffic on country roads or even negotiating that troublesome morning commute on the highway.

Aside from its excellent power output, this unique engine configuration has given BMW additional room under the hood to accommodate ancillary components like fuel tanks.

However, for the new model, we will see more power and torque.

Although BMW still has not released any further information about the K1600. The liquid-cooled 1,649 cc inline-six engine has been confirmed to power all future iterations of this vehicle.

The engine can undoubtedly meet Euro 5 emission standards on its own. But it is more likely that BMW will opt for a more advanced version of the electronic rider aids found on the R 1250 GS Adventure.

These aids include the Dynamic ESA II. Which automatically adjusts damping based on factors such as riding conditions and rider input.


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