Gazzini adjustable levers are here for your custom-built motorcycle

Gazzini adjustable levers are here for your custom-built motorcycle

While it may not be as attractive as many other things you can add to your motorcycle.Adjusting its controls is one of the most effective and practical ways of making that bike yours. 

And this is especially true when it comes to levers on the handlebars are designed primarily to adjust your front. And rear brakes and relieve some weight from your arms (especially during long journeys). 

Having an adjustable handlebar lever makes it possible to adapt your handlebars to your physical build.And the type of roads you’re planning to ride on.

Most motorcycles come standard with a variety of aftermarket accessories that make it possible. To improve the bike’s ergonomics according to one’s personal preferences. 

In the case of the Gazzini Adjustable Levers. Turning your motorcycle’s stock levers into adjustable is a quick and easy task. 


Price and make

The Gazzini Adjustable Levers arrives with quality. A friction sleeve and lever wrench, available in black and comes around Euro 79, 99 (USD 90).

Finding motorcycle levers with the right reach can be a struggle for many motorcyclists. While the OEM equipment often works to perfection. Many riders like having their hand closer to (or close or even further away from) the levers. 

It is where Gazzini’s new adjustable levers come in. These innovative parts feature a spring and lever arm that can move independently to provide the best possible adjustment for any rider. 

They come with two different levels of spring tension and feature six settings for the lever’s location. 


Thanks to an individually adjustable lever length, a rotating adapter and an integrated shear piece by Gazzini.These levers are perfectly fit to your hand size. The lever can be adjusted in 6-levels and is infinitely adjustable. 

You can easily dismantle the shear piece with only three parts.An ingenious solution that makes repairing accessible as pie and eliminates the need for regular replacement.

via Louis Moto and Le Repaire Des Motards

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