Cover-Like ev-大燈-Kymco

The new Kymco Like 125 EV is a lightweight electric scooter. It is not the first offering to be offered by this manufacturer. And it seems , as in previous years, it handles all of their electric scooters needs quite well. 

With a range of 199 kilometres on a single charge and its max speed being tested at nearly 68 kilometres per hour.This little electric scooter seems to have all of the strengths needed to take on the current competition head-on.


Billed as an “urban electric vehicle,” this new addition to the Like lineup is covered in typical Kymco fashion. Wrapped in aggressive lines, complete with a brand-new three-box full-width front end.


The Like 125 EV looks like a grown-up version of its siblings. One might go so far as to say that the look is nearly identical. 

Cover-Like ev-大燈-Kymco

However, they do have certain similarities. After all, it is part of the same lineup. However we dont see how similar the specifications are between the two models.

The scooter arrives with a small electric motor with a power output of up to 3,200 watts. Or the equivalent of around 4.3 horsepower, and has space to house five batteries. 

The new electric scooter also has Kymco’s proprietary Ionex battery technology. The good part is that each battery will be able to charge 1,000 times in its lifetime.

Not only does it preserve familiarity by taking styling cues from its successful gas-powered versions.But it also brings fun and convenience to urban commuters. 

As a Like family member that has redefined commuting in Asia and Europe.This new kid on the block will surely be a hit with customers.

Cover-Like ev-大燈-Kymco

Further, the scooter has a bezel on the headlight and has an ice blue finish.

The Like 125 EV is a light model weighing in at just 94 kilograms, making it easy to ride around town. 

Furthermore, the scooter comes with techie features to drive it along and a large touch screen panel to display important information in a very understandable way. Moreover, it can connect to a smartphone via an app.


The new electric scooter costs around 1,200 Euros in Europe.

via KymcoAC Biker

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