Expannia’s aerodynamic design could inspire future electric motorcycles

Expannia’s aerodynamic design could inspire future electric motorcycles

While developments in electric vehicles (EVs) are rapidly accelerating.One company based out of Miami is the best testament to the possibilities EVs bring. With plans to introduce a microcar, delivery van, compact car, and SUV by 2026.

The EV startup Expannia was formed to produce affordable electric vehicles for urban lifestyles, targeting New York, London, and Tokyo.

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Expannia is quickly emerging as one of the most innovative EV companies in the nation. 


As one of the only actual EV design and manufacturing startups.Expannia aims to revolutionize urban mobility and vehicle design through cutting-edge technology.

The new concept is the brainchild of Expannia founder and CEO Jose Luis Cobos Arteaga. 

Cobos left his lengthy tenure at Jaguar Land Rover to create a new brand with a different type of electric vehicle. 

According to Cobos. The CO2 emissions from automobiles are a serious enough issue that a different type of EV is needed to move forward.


Therefore, the idea behind Expannia’s first model goes way beyond simply being electric.

The Expannia concept is quite futuristic in appearance, with ridged lines that weave their way around the model’s body. 

Conversely, the top half of the design features a sleek finish that suggests power and speed. Not to mention, it looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. 

Although unique in design.Expannia’s upcoming electric motorcycle shares some similarities to other motorcycle models on the market. For example, the Expannia concept features two wheels (like every other motorcycle). 

It also has two sizeable faux air intakes on either side of its body (like Harley-Davidson). However, this electric bike doesn’t just share commonalities with other concepts on the first impression.


But what separates Expannia from other models? Well, Expannia looks fantastic and futuristic because it’s electric. Furthermore, Expannia has a battery that supplies the energy required to move this excellent design forward.

Current specs

As per French web magazine Le Repaire Des Motards, the electric production model will get a 20-25 kW motor. And a 6 kWh battery that will help the model to give a 93-mile range and a 75-mph top speed.

The price tag is around $16,490. While these are initial figures, the actual figures are yet to be presented.

It’s interesting to see that the prototype adopts a non-linkage rear suspension which will reduce the weight of the rear wheel assembly. However, this design choice may add complexity to the frame geometry. 


You can find the front elements and wheels in most modern electric bikes.However the designers are focused on aerodynamics when looking at the frame and rear fender design.

What we love about this new concept is the fact that a digital render has inspired it. 

Instead of taking cues from any of the previous models.EV startup Expannia chose to explore the world of digital art and then bring its vision into reality.

From the render, it looks like there are no pedals to control the bike. But there is what appears to be a keyless ignition. 

EV startups are working hard to make their motorcycles fit for today’s needs.But it’s still very much in the early stages. 

So be patient, because one day soon, you’ll be able to use your smartphone or smartwatch to ride to work instead of using your legs.

via Expannia and Le Repaire des Motards


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