Genesis Chauffeur Driven All Terrain Concept

The automotive world is witnessing a revolutionary fusion of luxury and versatility, epitomized by the “Chauffeur Driven All-Terrain” Genesis concept envisioned by WookZoon Kwon, an industrial design student.

While not an official product of Genesis, this design encapsulates the evolving definition of luxury in the automobile sphere. Inspired by the elegance of yachts and the sophistication of private jets, this concept seeks to redefine luxury travel by blending the comforts of premium vehicles with the rugged adaptability of all-terrain vehicles. This exploration goes beyond aesthetics and utility; it embodies the future of automotive aspirations—where the journey is as significant, if not more so, than the destination.

The concept of a “Chauffeur Driven All-Terrain” vehicle from Genesis, as envisioned by the industrial design student WookZoon Kwon, is a fascinating exploration of luxury and versatility. This design study, while not officially associated with Genesis, reflects a growing interest in the automotive world: the merging of luxury, performance, and utility.


Here’s a breakdown of its key features and why they are noteworthy:

  • Athletic Elegance Design Philosophy: Genesis is known for this design language, which combines graceful, elegant lines with a powerful, dynamic form. This concept adheres to that philosophy but pushes it further, suggesting a future direction where rugged capability can coexist with luxury aesthetics.

Luxury yacht and Private Jet

  • Inspirations from Yachts and Private Jets: The inclusion of design elements from the world of super-luxury travel—specifically yachts and jets—speaks to a level of opulence and premium design that transcends traditional automotive styling. The use of flowing lines, premium materials (noted bronze accents), and spacious interior concepts borrowed from these realms suggests an environment that isn’t just about reaching a destination, but also about enjoying the journey.
  • All-Terrain Capability: By emphasizing chauffeur-driven and all-terrain qualities, this concept breaks from traditional luxury vehicles that prioritize road comfort. It implies a vehicle capable of taking its occupants anywhere they desire, redefining the expectations of a chauffeur vehicle. It’s not just about being driven; it’s about not being limited by the journey.

Athletic Elegance design philosophy

  • Futuristic Elements: The absence of a traditional grille, the use of bold LED light bars, and the sleek, aerodynamic shapes give this vehicle a forward-thinking presence. These elements might suggest advanced powertrains (possibly electric or hybrid), sophisticated lighting technology, and a focus on aerodynamic efficiency, perhaps to enhance performance and sustainability.
  • Rear Design and Lighting: The bold rear design, with parallel LED light bars and a detailed diffuser, emphasizes width and presence, often associated with stability and power. The lighting would also be a signature view at night, giving the vehicle a distinctive identity on the road.

Triangular air intakes

  • Influence on and from Existing Concepts: The mention of other Genesis concepts, like the Genesis XV Concept by Younghyun Jo, suggests a creative feedback loop within the design community. These designers, though not officially tied to the brand, create explorative works that might influence professional brand designers. They’re contributing to a broader conversation about where automotive design, particularly in the luxury segment, is heading.


  • Unique and innovative design
  • Combines elements of luxury yachts, private jets, and traditional sedans
  • Luxurious interior
  • All-terrain capability


  • Independent design study, not related to or endorsed by Genesis
  • Bold and unconventional design may not appeal to all buyers
  • All-terrain capability may not be necessary for all buyers
  • No information on pricing or availability

In conclusion, Kwon’s Genesis concept is an exciting example of speculative design in the automotive world. It challenges current norms and anticipates the future evolution of luxury vehicles, potentially influencing real-world design directions for premium brands like Genesis. Such concepts keep the conversation going in the automotive community, driving innovation and imagination.


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