Gogoro CrossOver

Gogoro CrossOver

Here are the key points of the Gogoro CrossOver electric adventure scooter:

  • First-of-its-kind from a mainstream brand
  • Easily customizable
  • Wide range of features for both city commutes and light off-road adventures
  • 7.6 kilowatt electric motor
  • Flo Drive belt drive system
  • All-terrain chassis with 14.2 centimeters of ground clearance
  • Synchronized braking system
  • Telescopic front fork
  • Dual shock absorber setup at the rear
  • 12-inch wheels with Maxxis dual-purpose rubber
  • Fully integrated into Gogoro’s mesh of connectivity features
  • LTE smart remote services

The Gogoro CrossOver marks a significant step in the electric mobility industry, particularly in the segment of two-wheelers. By introducing an electric scooter that can handle more varied terrains and needs, Gogoro is addressing several critical factors and potential market demands. Here’s a deeper look into its significance and potential impact:

  • Expanding Consumer Base: By venturing into the adventure scooter category, Gogoro is not just innovating but expanding its potential consumer base. Adventure and all-terrain vehicles often attract a segment of consumers who value versatility, performance, and the capability of their vehicles in various environments. This move might attract enthusiasts who previously may not have considered an electric scooter as a viable option.

Electric Adventure Scooter

  • Highlighting Versatility and Customization: One of the key selling points of the CrossOver is its high degree of customization. The ability to modify and accessorize the scooter means it can cater to a wide range of uses, from urban commuting to light adventure touring. This versatility could be a significant attraction for consumers who require their vehicles to serve multiple purposes.
  • Technological Integration: Incorporating advanced tech features like LTE connectivity, remote services, and a dedicated app shows Gogoro’s commitment to not just being a vehicle provider but a comprehensive mobility solution provider. These features enhance safety, convenience, and the overall user experience, likely appealing to the tech-savvy generation of consumers.

Mainstream Brand

  • Eco-Friendly Adventure Riding: As awareness of environmental issues increases, many adventure enthusiasts are looking for more sustainable ways to enjoy their hobbies. The CrossOver provides an option that reduces the carbon footprint typically associated with motorbikes used for off-roading and adventure sports.
  • Potential for New Market Opportunities: Gogoro’s plan to expand the availability of the CrossOver beyond the Taiwanese market is strategic, considering the growing global interest in electric vehicles (EVs). Different markets have varied terrains, and a scooter that can handle more than just city streets is likely to be well-received. This is especially true in countries with developing infrastructures or rural areas where roads may not always be in the best condition.

14.2 centimetres of ground clearance

  • Strategic Implication for Competitors: This move sets a new standard and opens up a new category within the electric two-wheeler industry. It may prompt competitors to speed up their innovation and release of similar products, creating a more dynamic and rapidly evolving market segment.


The introduction of the Gogoro CrossOver signifies a pivotal evolution in the realm of electric mobility, bridging the gap between everyday urban transport and more rugged, versatile vehicle requirements. This innovation is not merely a step forward for Gogoro but represents a broader shift in the electric vehicle industry, where consumer needs are diverse and ever-expanding.


By breaking into the adventure scooter space, Gogoro is tapping into uncharted territory, demonstrating that electric vehicles’ functionality, adaptability, and performance can stretch well beyond traditional urban commuting. This move has the potential to reshape market expectations and broaden consumer acceptance of electric vehicles, particularly among communities and individuals enthusiastic about adventure and outdoor activities.

Moreover, CrossOver’s advanced technological integrations offer a glimpse into the future of connected vehicles, emphasizing safety, user experience, and modern conveniences that align with a digitally integrated lifestyle.


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