Harley Davidson_Pan_America

When someone asks me what my favourite kind of bike is, I tell them: “the kind that’s ridden.” Bikes are meant to be fun and functional, but we’ve all been in a situation where it’s raining, and you’re inside somewhere, like a coffee shop, with your motorcycle boots and gear underneath an outdoor table.

Your mind starts to wander. Should I go out and throw a leg over the bike? Ride just down the street to my favourite breakfast joint for an omelette. Should I dare hit that empty stretch of the interstate outside town?

Harley Davidson_Pan_America


And that is what happened to me in the untimely February rain. With the sun coming out and walking up to the Harley dealership, I kept my eyes peeled for the Pan America Special I was about to take for a quick test ride.

When I saw it, I knew why it stood out from all the other bikes in the lot.
The Pan America is a no-frills motorcycle by design – it doesn’t get much more businesslike than a big motorcycle with a big motor and no fairings.

Stay tuned for more…

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