Harley Davidson Revival

Harley Davidson Revival

Revival is one project from Tanner Van De Veer that we would like to see in Harley Davidson’s arsenal. Why well you should see below.

The subtle yet eloquent concept is something that is not only an eye-catcher but at one point in time is even responsible to stop your breathe.

Design goals were developed as a direct solution to the problems addressed with Harley Davidson. They are adapted to fill the product gap and appeal to identify the customer base.

Key lines and shapes take inspiration from some of the H-D’s earliest history to create the illusion of mass. While a combination of lights on brutal shapes is utilized to modernize the forms.

During the initial ideation process. The studies were also done on the kinematics of current bikes to better understand the riding position.

About Tanner

Tanner Van De Veer

His name is Tanner Van De Veer and is a recent graduate of the Industrial Design program at the University of Cincinnati College of DAAP.

He is currently seeking full-time employment in product and automotive design. Through a variety of both academic and professional opportunities at UC DAAP, he has built my design toolkit and have capabilities and experience in both product and transportation design.

Versatility is one of my greatest assets and he works to bridge the gap between the two disciplines through those diverse sets of experiences, skills, and perspectives. ​​​​​​​

His professional experiences involve coops at Owens Illinois, Milwaukee Tools, Boston Whaler, Priority Designs, and Toyota Boshoku Japan.

Overall as a designer, he works to design products and experiences that are both helpful and exciting in order to best suit the needs of those utilizing them.

Source: Tanner Van De Veer
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