Road to Harley-Davidson Homecoming Challenge

They say it’s not how long you live but how well you live that matters. Unless you’re a company. In which case it’s probably the opposite. The history of any company is an essential aspect of why people identify with it. 

Harley-Davidson is planning a big celebration for its 120th birthday in 2023. But while the Milwaukee-based motorcycle manufacturer is looking to the future. It’s also taking time to look back on its past. 

Officially founded in 1903, Harley will turn 120 years old in 2023. And celebrate the occasion with a trip to its birthplace. This time around, it’s planning an even bigger slathering of birthday cake.With all the fixings.


The company

Harley-Davidson is known for its loyalty to its fans. Each year.The company goes all out to ensure that the customers. And fans who support the brand are treated to a second experience. 

With decades of history behind this iconic brand. It’s almost impossible to believe that the company will be celebrating its big birthday in 2023. 

But mark your calendars because Harley-Davidson plans on knocking your socks off with a big celebration in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Road to Harley-Davidson Homecoming Challenge

Harley has not revealed many details, except that the “Road to Harley-Davidson Homecoming Challenge” competition starts from April 1, 2022, to September 30, 2022

To celebrate its 120th anniversary in 2023, Harley will throw a party for the ages. The company is hosting sweepstakes where 120 people can win an all-expenses-paid trip to Milwaukee.

The exact dates haven’t been announced yet. But you know it’s going to be a big deal because Harley loves a party, and it loves an anniversary.

As noted above, we’re still awaiting further details on the Road to Harley-Davidson Homecoming Challenge and the 120th-anniversary celebrations planned for 2023. 

We will, of course, be sure to keep you up to date with any information as and when we have it. Here’s a link to an email signup sheet on Harley’s website if you want a reminder when the Challenge is live.

via Harley Davidson


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