This is a prototype diagram from a Harley Investor Relations document.

It’s a flat tracker . This commercial model-like design was registered. 

The filing date is like September 23, 2019. There are many broken lines. By the way, about the broken line part, it means that the shape is not decided, it is not selected.


So it probably means that existing ones are used. It’s a shared platform model. The headlight is not a broken line, so it looks like a new one, but it looks the same as the previous 48X model. 

The engine is a 60 ° V twin Revolution Max. We don’t see any significant differences from the prototype or prototype. About the shape of the rear end of the swingarm? 

Looks like the existing steering wheel and meter are used. It is a swing arm mount rear fender. There are blinkers, but do you also have tail lamps here?

From top to bottom, there is a point that is slightly different from the prototype, so this is probably a diagram of a commercial model design registration.

However, Pan America and the Bronx are all different in design between the prototype, the design registration diagram, and the industrial model.

Harley’s new cafe racer design registration

There is also a prototype figure that was also released. Diagram of design registration. Filed on September 23, 2019. Here, the headlight cowl is new.

  • No front turn signal
  • The shape of the silencer cover is slightly different
  • The shape of the exhaust pipe is somewhat different
  • The shape of the radiator cover is different
  • The shape of the cowl under the radiator is different
  • The shape of the tail cowl is slightly different (no slit)
  • With tandem steps
  • Swingarm shape is different
  • Different shape of the brake pedal
  • The different rear disc shape
  • The shape of the sheet is slightly different
  • The mirror is no longer a bar end
  • The box under the seat has changed

There are subtle changes, but the look is almost the same. Tail lamps and blinkers are not existing ones, they are original.

Handles and meters are very cool conventional, the swingarm are quite thin. 

Both models have a lot of broken lines from top to bottom. This may be the norm because it is a platform sharing model.

When is the release date? What is the displacement

Maybe models after 2022

According to investor documentation, both are high-performance custom models. 

Also, according to the document, the first model in the high-performance custom model group (we think it points to 48X) is stated as 2021.

So at least as early as the 2021 model. But when this Revolution Max model was first announced, there were three of the above, but we don’t think there was a cafe racer or flat tracker. 

And Pan-America and Bronx, 48X (probably pointing to Custom1250) have been applied for a trademark, but as we saw earlier, the car model name looks like it was not used for trademark. That’s how they are, probably both, after 2022.

The displacement is probably 1250?

The high-performance custom is categorized , but the top 48X model is 1250.

Then maybe this cafe racer and flat tracker are probably 1250? High performance.

But Pan America is 1250 in the category of adventure touring, so that it is not necessarily 1250 because it is categorized as high performance.

Well, we don’t know. We think it’s probably 1250.Cafe racers are like a muscle, with a mix of good old days and good early days. 

That ‘s good-many of the recent Harley models have a beautiful design. 

Pan America is also very popular. Harley have no edges, but we thought that the number of Harley debuts with Revolution Max models was likely to increase considerably.

 The electronic controls are substantial, and the price appears to be reduced to some extent.

Source : Harley Investors 

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