2020 Honda PCX and PCX 150 in the limited colour scheme

 2020 Honda PCX and PCX 150 in the limited colour scheme

PCX / PCX150 in 2020 model with limited order period colour

“Honda is a limited-time order * 1 colour. That uses a matte colour that gives a strong impression to the scooters” PCX “and” PCX150 “.

Which have gained an excellent reputation for engines that combine a stylish appearance. Fuel efficiency and dominant output characteristics.

Ring, “Mat Ion Blue Metallic” and “Mat Galaxy Black Metallic” will be released on February 28 (Fri). “The order period is from February 14, 2020 (Fri) to May 31, 2020 (Sun)”.

“Other regular colour schemes will be sold continuously.”

The colour lineup for 2020 models with limited-order colours

PCX (125)

Matt Ion Blue Metallic Matt Galaxy Black Metallic.


Matt Ion Blue Metallic Matt Galaxy Black Metallic.


  • PCX: 348,700 yen
  • Limited PCX: 352,000 yen
  • PCX150: 386,000 yen
  • Limited PCX 150: 383,900 yen
  • PCX150 [ABS]: 402,600 yen
  • ABS Limited: 405,900 yen

Order-limited colour is 3,300 yen higher, including tax. 

Since it is an additional colour, there is nothing different from the current model except for the colour.

Please note that the order period is until May 31st.

Esp engine of the new SH125i is an esp + engine.

  • The new SH125 engine announced at EICMA2019, but now the new esp + engine.
  • At present, the only models on which this esp + is mounted are the SH125i and SH150i.
  • Current PCX is still esp. Power graph like this. This is EURO5 compatible. Honda-chan is strong (scary).

New esp + 125cc engine specifications

  • Engine type: SOHC water-cooled single-cylinder 4-valve.
  • Displacement: 124.5cc (either mystery because there is a description 124.8cc).
  • Bore x stroke: 52.4mm x 57.9mm → 53.5mm x 55.4mm.
  • Compression ratio: 11.0 → 11.5: 1.
  • Horsepower: 8.9kw (12.1PS) /8,500rpm→9.2kw (12.5PS) / 8,250rpm.
  • Torque: 11.5Nm / 7,000rpm → 11.4Nm / 6,500rpm.
  • Fuel consumption (without IS): 43.3km / L → 44.6km / L.
  • Exhaust gas regulations: EURO4 → EURO5.

There are only good things. The disadvantage is that the torque is reduced by 0.1 Nm.

New esp + 150cc engine specifications

  • Engine type: SOHC water-cooled single-cylinder 4-valve.
  • Displacement: 156.9cc.
  • Bore x stroke: 58mm x 57.9mm → 60mm x 55.5mm.
  • Compression ratio: 10.6: 1 → 12.0: 1.
  • Horsepower: 10.9kw (14.8PS) /8,250rpm→11.9kw (16.2PS) / 8,500rpm.
  • Torque: 13.9Nm / 7,000rpm → 14.2Nm / 6,500rpm.
  • Fuel consumption (without IS): 42.0km / L → 43.5km / L.
  • Exhaust gas regulations: EURO4 → EURO5.

By the way, it comes with a transaction.

Like NMAX, it has a smartphone link.

PCX is going to be a full model change

  • Rumours that PCX125 will undergo a complete model change.
  • It seems that the model change time is not the 2020 model.
  • It appears to be a 4-valve.

2019 Here is the information for 2019. But the content matches the information that is currently available.

There is information on 4 valves in the patent. Then, SH125 was announced afterwards. A license for a variable valve mechanism for an esp engine was also filed in the same license.

But there is no information on equipping a variable valve mechanism at present.

By the way, there is a strange sheet patent. From the perspective of this. The frame is likely to change. Now that doesn’t mean there is a full change in the model.

That’s why the SH125 has a new esp + engine on it, and the new PCX is not a 2020 model. And I think PCX will probably undergo a full model change in the 2021 model. 

Although there was a variable valve mechanism in the patent. Honda has applied for a patent for the variable valve mechanism.

Also, there is a tendency that it does not actually adopt it in commercial models. So maybe the new PCX does not have a variable valve mechanism, and the same engine as the SH125 will be.

Perhaps it is announced at EICMA2020? Or maybe Southeast Asia. It is the world premiere in Southeast Asia.

Source: Honda


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