To improve riding safety, Honda has registered an intelligent patent which allows the brain to communicate directly with the motorcycle.

The patent came in light when Cycle World brought this specific patent to fore.

The mechanism has the electrodes located in the helmet which are responsible for communicating the brain impulses to the central unit of the bike.


The system comes designed for a different purpose. Well, we won’t be surprised as multiple motorcycle manufacturers are trying to put the best technologies in the motorcycles.

Be it an IMU, radar or hybrid technology in the bike. Now don’t get surprised if we say Honda has filed a patent for flying motorcycle.

The technology is not something new that Honda has proposed it will have a series of propellers that will support to take off and will take help from 8 motors.

And then Honda has filed the patent for radar technology. In 2017 and a global debut at CES.

Honda unveiled its Riding Assist technology which leverages Honda’s robotics technology to create a self-balancing motorcycle that significantly reduces the possibility of falling over while the bike is at rest.

It’s just a matter of time Honda wants to bring the patent with brain technology in production.

Honda Riding Assist bike

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