Honda Hness CB350 Variant New Exploring the Retro Charm.

Honda Hness CB350

Honda’s motorcycle lineup in India has always been a blend of innovation and tradition, catering to a diverse range of consumers. The company’s recent social media teasers hint at an exciting development for enthusiasts of classic design.

It appears Honda India is on the verge of unveiling a new model or variant of the beloved Hness CB350. This anticipation is fueled by glimpses of features such as a split seat, round mirrors, and a tubular grab rail, all of which are reminiscent of the Hness CB350’s design ethos.

Retro Motorcycle

The current Hness CB350 variants have successfully captured the market with a perfect balance of retro aesthetics and modern technology. With the impending launch, Honda seems ready to expand its offering in this segment, potentially elevating the retro motorcycle experience to new heights.


Summary of the upcoming Honda bike:

  • Design: Old-school styling, reminiscent of the Honda Hness CB350
  • Features: The split seat, round mirrors, tubular grab rail, single-piece handlebar, telescopic front forks, Nissin front brake calliper, alloy wheel
  • Engine: Likely the same 348.36cc single-cylinder engine from the Hness CB350, producing 20.78bhp and 30Nm
  • Launch: Soon, exact date not yet announced
  • Competition: Royal Enfield Classic 350 and Bullet 350
  • Mileage: 42.17 kmpl

Royal Enfield Classic 350

It seems Honda India is gearing up to introduce a new variant or perhaps a special edition of the Hness CB350. The elements teased, such as the split seat, round mirrors, tubular grab rail, and tan leather cover, all suggest a strong resemblance to the current Hness CB350 models but with a potential twist in design or features.

The Hness CB350’s current lineup, including the DLX, DLX Pro, DLX Pro Chrome, and Legacy Edition, all share the same engine and core features, differing mainly in aesthetic and some functional elements. Given this, the teased new model might retain the familiar 348.36cc engine with its performance characteristics, while offering something distinct in terms of design or additional features to differentiate it from the existing variants.

The focus on an “old-school” design approach, as indicated by the teaser, suggests that Honda is continuing to target the segment of riders who prefer a classic or retro look, much like the Royal Enfield Classic 350 and Bullet 350. This segment has seen growing popularity in India, with a blend of modern performance and classic styling.

It will be interesting to see what unique elements or features Honda introduces with this new variant to make it stand out in the competitive retro-style motorcycle market. The additional features could range from cosmetic changes to possibly upgraded equipment or new technology integrations that enhance the riding experience while maintaining the bike’s retro charm.

Indian Motorcycle Market

Key Analysis

The teaser of a new Honda Hness CB350 variant provides several key points for analysis:

  • Target Market and Competition: Honda is clearly targeting enthusiasts of classic motorcycles, a segment that has seen substantial growth in India. Competitors like the Royal Enfield Classic 350 and Bullet 350 dominate this space. Honda’s strategy seems focused on capturing a share of this market by blending modern features with a retro design.
  • Design and Aesthetic Appeal: The teased features such as split seats, round mirrors, and a tan leather cover, suggest a strong adherence to the classic motorcycle aesthetic. This approach is likely to appeal to both existing fans of the Hness CB350 and new customers who are drawn to vintage-styled bikes.
  • Technical Aspects: While the teaser hints at visual changes, it remains to be seen whether there will be any significant mechanical or technological upgrades compared to the existing variants of the Hness CB350. The current models are well-received for their balance of power and efficiency, so any changes in this area would be notable.
  • Market Positioning and Pricing: The introduction of a new variant can potentially reposition the Hness CB350 in the market, depending on the features and pricing. Honda will need to carefully consider how this new model fits within its current lineup and against competitors, particularly in terms of pricing.
  • Customer Expectations and Brand Perception: With a legacy brand like Honda, customer expectations are high. This new variant not only needs to meet these expectations in terms of quality and performance but also enhance Honda’s reputation as a brand that respects classic designs while innovating for the modern era.
  • Potential Impact on Sales: The launch of a new variant could boost the overall sales of the Hness CB350 range, attracting new customers and possibly encouraging current owners to upgrade.
  • Global Trends vs Local Preferences: While the global motorcycle market has seen various trends, Honda’s focus on the classic design for the Indian market indicates a tailored approach, understanding and catering to local preferences.

Honda’s teaser of a new Hness CB350 variant is a strategic move aimed at strengthening its position in the retro motorcycle segment in India. The success of this initiative will largely depend on how well the new variant resonates with the target market’s preferences for classic design combined with modern functionality.

Bike Launch in India


The potential new variant of the Honda Hness CB350 will enter a competitive segment in the Indian market, where it will face off against several key rivals, particularly in the classic and retro-styled motorcycle category. Here are some of its main competitors:

  • Royal Enfield Classic 350: Perhaps the most direct competitor, the Royal Enfield Classic 350 is a market leader in this segment. Known for its iconic design and thumping engine, it appeals to enthusiasts of classic styling and traditional motorcycle culture.
  • Royal Enfield Meteor 350: Another offering from Royal Enfield, the Meteor 350, is a cruiser with a classic touch. It’s known for its comfortable riding position and is a favourite among long-distance riders who prefer a bike with retro appeal.
  • Jawa Standard and Jawa Forty Two: Jawa motorcycles, with their distinct classic European styling and modern technology, are also strong competitors. They offer a unique blend of nostalgia and contemporary performance.
  • Benelli Imperiale 400: This Italian brand’s entry in the retro segment, the Imperiale 400, is known for its classic styling blended with modern features. It’s a direct competitor to the Hness CB350 in terms of price and market positioning.
  • Bajaj Dominar 400: While not a classic motorcycle in the traditional sense, the Bajaj Dominar 400 competes in terms of engine displacement and is preferred by riders looking for a more modern design with powerful performance.
  • Yezdi Roadster: Reviving the Yezdi brand, the Roadster models offer a mix of retro and modern styling. They cater to riders looking for a unique blend of performance and nostalgia.

Each of these competitors offers something distinct, whether it’s Royal Enfield’s deeply ingrained brand heritage, Jawa’s European styling, Benelli’s Italian design, or Bajaj’s modern performance approach. The new variant of the Honda Hness CB350 will need to carve out its own niche in this well-contested space, offering a blend of style, performance, and value that appeals to the Indian motorcyclist’s evolving preferences.


The anticipation surrounding Honda India’s teaser of a potential new Hness CB350 variant highlights the brand’s understanding of the evolving desires of Indian motorcyclists. By integrating old-school charm with modern technology, Honda is not just preserving the legacy of classic motorbiking but is also enhancing it for today’s roads.

This strategy not only strengthens Honda’s position in the competitive motorcycle market in India but also caters to a growing segment of riders who yearn for a blend of nostalgia and contemporary performance. As we await the official unveiling, this move by Honda is a testament to the enduring appeal of retro-styled motorcycles and the brand’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.


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