Langen LS-12

In the realm of motorcycle innovation and bespoke craftsmanship, Langen Technology Limited stands as a paragon. Their reputation, built upon the astounding success of their first production motorcycle, The Two Stroke, is set to be further cemented with the unveiling of their latest masterpiece, the Langen LightSpeed 1200 (LS-12).

This launch, poised to occur at the esteemed Motorcycle Live 2023 event at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, is not just a showcase but a testament to Langen’s unwavering commitment to excellence in the motorcycle industry. As we delve into the details of the LS-12, it’s clear that Langen is not merely presenting a new motorcycle; they are offering a new chapter in the narrative of high-performance, bespoke motorcycling.

Langen LightSpeed 1200 Exclusive Motorcycle Launch

The announcement of Langen Technology Limited’s new Langen LightSpeed 1200 (LS-12) at Motorcycle Live 2023 is a significant event in the motorcycle industry, particularly for enthusiasts of high-performance, limited-production motorcycles. Here’s a summary of the key points about the LS-12 and its unveiling:

  • Event Details: The LS-12 will be presented at Motorcycle Live 2023, held at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham from November 18th to 26th, 2023.
  • Company Background: Langen is known for its expertise in automotive engineering and development, specifically in crafting hand-built, limited-production motorcycles. Their first production motorcycle, The Two Stroke, was a huge success.
  • LS-12 Features:
  • Performance: It boasts an impressive power-to-weight ratio of 1,000 hp per tonne.
  • Design: The motorcycle features a striking design with carbon fibre bodywork and a high-tensile steel tubular space frame.
  • Suspension and Braking: Equipped with Ohlins front forks, rear shock absorbers, and Hel performance calipers with 320mm twin floating front discs.
  • Engine: The heart of the LightSpeed is a liquid-cooled, transverse 72-degree V-Twin Rotax engine, originally made by Buell Motorcycles and further developed by Langen. It delivers 185 hp at 10,600 RPM.
  • Edition and Customization:
  • The UK launch edition will be limited to 185 units, all homologated for the UK.
  • Customers will have the option to customize various aspects of the bike, including paintwork, handlebars, wheels, and other unique touches.
  • Reservation for build slots is open from the announcement date, with delivery expected in early 2025.
  • Global Availability: Worldwide type-approved models are planned for release in limited numbers starting from 2026.

This launch marks an exciting development for motorcycle enthusiasts and collectors, especially those who appreciate the blend of artistic design and high performance in their bikes.

High-Performance Motorcycles

Key Analysis

The announcement and upcoming launch of the Langen LightSpeed 1200 (LS-12) provide several key points for analysis:

  • Market Positioning and Brand Image:
  • Langen Technology Limited is positioning the LS-12 as a premium, high-performance motorcycle. This aligns with their brand image of producing limited-production, hand-built motorcycles that blend performance with bespoke design.
  • The limited production run (185 units for the UK) reinforces exclusivity, a key aspect that appeals to collectors and enthusiasts.
  • Technical Innovations and Design:
  • The LS-12’s 1,000 hp per tonne power-to-weight ratio is a significant highlight, placing it in the upper echelon of performance motorcycles.
  • The use of carbon fibre bodywork and high-tensile steel suggests a focus on reducing weight while maintaining strength and durability.
  • Advanced components like Ohlins suspension and Hel performance callipers indicate a commitment to high-quality, race-bred parts.
  • Engine and Performance:
  • The choice of a liquid-cooled, 72-degree V-Twin Rotax engine, developed from Buell Motorcycles’ design, suggests a balance between traditional motorcycle engine design and modern performance requirements.
  • The engine’s output of 185 hp at 10,600 RPM indicates high-revving, race-track-inspired performance.
  • Customer Customization and Experience:
  • Offering bespoke options for paintwork, handlebars, wheels, and other finishing touches caters to a market segment that values individuality and personalization in their motorcycles.
  • This strategy not only enhances customer experience but also adds to the uniqueness and desirability of each unit.
  • Market Strategy and Future Plans:
  • The initial UK-only launch, followed by a global release in limited numbers from 2026, suggests a phased market strategy. This approach could be aimed at building anticipation and demand in international markets.
  • Limiting the production numbers globally ensures the model’s exclusivity and helps maintain its value as a collector’s item.
  • Challenges and Considerations:
  • The high-end motorcycle market is niche, and the success of the LS-12 will depend on Langen’s ability to reach and appeal to this specific customer base.
  • Economic factors and global market conditions, such as disposable income levels among target consumers and the state of the luxury goods market, will play a role in the model’s success.

The Langen LightSpeed 1200 (LS-12) is an ambitious project that blends high-performance engineering with bespoke craftsmanship. Its success will largely depend on Langen’s ability to leverage its brand reputation, the uniqueness of its product, and its understanding of the niche market for high-end, limited-production motorcycles.

Motorcycle Craftsmanship


When considering the competitors for the Langen LightSpeed 1200 (LS-12), it’s important to focus on brands and models that cater to the same high-end, limited-production motorcycle market. This segment is characterized by a focus on exclusivity, high performance, innovative design, and often, a higher price point. Here are some key competitors in this space:

  • Ducati:
  • Known for their high-performance sports bikes, Ducati offers models like the Panigale V4, which is renowned for its advanced technology and powerful performance. While Ducati produces more units than Langen, its high-end models compete in terms of performance and brand prestige.
  • BMW Motorrad:
  • BMW’s HP4 Race is a notable competitor, being a limited-production, high-performance motorcycle. BMW Motorrad is known for its innovation, quality, and engineering prowess, attracting a similar demographic of enthusiasts.
  • MV Agusta:
  • This brand is synonymous with exclusive, high-performance motorcycles. Models like the MV Agusta F4 Claudio and the Brutale Serie Oro stand out for their design and limited production runs, appealing to collectors and high-end enthusiasts.
  • Bimota:
  • An Italian manufacturer known for its custom and production motorcycles, Bimota offers high-end, innovative designs. They often utilize engines from other manufacturers in their distinctively designed frames, appealing to a similar market as Langen.
  • Norton Motorcycles:
  • Norton offers hand-built motorcycles with a classic flair, such as the V4SV. Their focus on craftsmanship and heritage can appeal to those who are also likely to be interested in Langen’s offerings.
  • Arch Motorcycle:
  • Co-founded by Keanu Reeves, Arch Motorcycle creates custom production bikes that blend performance and exclusivity. Their models like the KRGT-1 are direct competitors in the bespoke, high-end motorcycle segment.
  1. Confederate Motorcycles (now Combat Motors):
  • Known for their avant-garde and powerful bikes, Confederate’s motorcycles (now under Combat Motors) like the FA-13 Combat Bomber are for those who seek exclusivity and performance, much like Langen’s clientele.
  • Buell Motorcycles:
  • Given that the LS-12 uses a Rotax engine developed from Buell’s designs, Buell’s own range of motorcycles could also be considered competitors, especially for customers interested in the performance aspects of the engine.

These competitors reflect the diversity in the high-end motorcycle market, with each brand bringing its own unique approach to design, performance, and exclusivity. Langen’s LS-12 competes not just on the technical specifications but also on the brand story, the exclusivity factor, and the bespoke experience it offers to its customers.

Christofer Ratcliffe Founder and CEO of Langen comments

At Langen, we believe that“cars move the body, yet motorcycles move the soul” – it demonstrates the intangible and unmatched human experience of riding and owning a Langen. When you throw a leg over
the LightSpeed you soon realise that it’s not just another motorcycle but a heart-pounding, soul-stirring symphony of power and style.


The Langen LightSpeed 1200 (LS-12) stands as a remarkable achievement in the world of motorcycle engineering and design, showcasing Langen Technology Limited’s prowess in creating motorcycles that are not just vehicles, but pieces of high-performing art. This motorcycle, set to make its grand entrance at Motorcycle Live 2023, symbolizes a fusion of top-tier engineering, innovative design, and passionate craftsmanship.

The LS-12 is not just a testament to Langen’s capabilities but a beacon for the future of motorcycle design, offering an exclusive, customizable experience for the discerning enthusiast. With its limited-edition release and future global availability, the LightSpeed 1200 is poised to become a coveted gem in the motorcycle world, encapsulating the spirit of performance and exclusivity.


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