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After months of hard work, weeks of late nights, and long hours. The Langen two-Stroke has now been officially confirmed as road legal in the UK after passing the MSVA certification process.
The Motorcycle Single Vehicle Approval (MSVA) test was carried out on Monday, June 7. And was passed with no issues. Langen Two-Stroke chassis number 101 is now approved for UK road registration.

The prototype bike comes registered and 100  built for customers as a limited edition. Therefore it doesn’t take a VIN from the first 100.
Langen owner and founder Christofer Ratcliffe took the bike down to the test centre after many hours of work for himself. And the whole Langen team to get the bike prepared.

730 days of hard work

The MSVA test pass follows two years of intense work since Christofer. And his team first put pen to paper with the initial idea of bringing a new, road legal, two-stroke back to the UK’s roads.
The government testers were impressed with the bike. With one even crouched at the back, taking in the two-stroke exhaust aroma as the noise test was being carried out!


 A brand-new chassis was manufactured, built, painted. And a bike created around it before the test. Chassis updates have been incorporated into the design following months of fine-tuning the design through performance simulations and calculations.


Christofer said: “Getting the MSVA test pass is a massive step forward for us. And it means a tremendous amount of progress made on the engineering of the bike.

“We are now in the process of registering the bike. Getting final preparations done for the bike to appear at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. And then we should be able to arrange some media testing after that.”
The Langen Two Stroke will be at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. And make a series of appearances at significant bike meets around the UK. Updates and more detail to follow on these dates.
We’ll also be making some surprise appearances at various bike meets. And shows around the country, and the bike will be fully running, of course! Please come and say hello, check out the bike and have a chat.

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