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Last October we did had a chat Chris Ratcliffe, CEO of Langen Motorcycles. And in this article, we do talk about Langen’s progress.

The all-new Langen Two-Stroke makes significant progress as it heads towards the initial run of production bikes. For the first customers, with road testing and dyno fine-tuning nearing completion.

Langen Motorcycles, the newly created British firm headed up by former CCM Chief Design Engineer Chris Ratcliffe. First revealed the Two-Stroke model in July 2020. 


The Langen Two Stroke is a high-end motorcycle, and it costs £28,000 + VAT and each bike to tailor to the owner’s wishes.

Engine set-up comes from the Italian company Vins Motors, which has designed and built the 75bhp two-stroke engine used in their sports bike. 

The chassis set-up is all being done in-house at Langen. The Vins V-twin engine comes housed in a bespoke Langen chassis. With the modern twist on a café racer tipping the scales at just 114kg.

Work has been continuing ever since the first reveal to the public. Which also saw a host of customers placing orders for the 250cc two-stroke.

 Langen founder Chris Ratcliffe said: “Getting a bike ready for road testing. And engine fine-tuning is an important milestone. 

It’s been much work to get where we are today. And the various Covid lockdown changes have been an extra challenge too.

“Hearing from Vins to say the engine and chassis are working well together has been fantastic news for all of us. And we can’t wait to get bikes into production and ready for the first customers.”


 Vins CEO and founder Vincenzo Mattia ensure Vin’s engine suits the Langen bike and is set-up ideally for customers.

He said: “The test session with the Langen motorcycle allowed me to fine-tune something very different from our own Vins motorcycle. 

The additional wheel dimensions and final ratio forced the Vins staff to approach the ECU mapping session with particular attention paid to power delivery.

 It was part of a significant effort to optimise acceleration and driveability”.

The most exciting thing was the road test result. Which went well and followed several dyno sessions. 

Power delivery was predictable each time, as was the road holding and handling. Thanks to the excellent chassis and suspension design of the Langen itself. 

Langen Motorcycles-3

It is also a very light motorcycle, so the match between Langen. And Vins is accurate, with fun and thrills due to the ride and lightness as a standard feature.

“I’ve personally done all the road and dyno tests of the bike. And I can confirm not only the fun factor but also the high quality of the product made by Langen.” 



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