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Langen makes considerable progress

Last October we did had a chat Chris Ratcliffe, CEO of Langen Motorcycles. And in this article, we do talk about Langen’s progress. The all-new Langen Two-Stroke makes significant progress as it heads towards the initial run of production bikes. For the first customers, with road testing and dyno fine-tuning nearing completion. Langen Motorcycles, the […]Read More

Langen’s two-stroke intuitive motorcycle is here

After our super interview with Langen’s founder Christopher Ratcliffe And now following its highly successful world debut at Salon Privé́ in late September. The exclusive new British motorcycle brand Lange Motorcycles kicks off to a smoking start. Just a few short weeks after its reveal at Blenheim Palace, pre-orders for around a third of Langen […]Read More

Christofer Ratcliffe talks about his niche brand ‘ Langen ‘

Langen Motorcycles was born out of a passion for creating motorcycles unlike anything else on the road, pushing the boundaries of modern technology and innovation whilst capturing the very essence and emotion of riding a bike.Langen is working on the philosophy that motorcycles should provide raw excitement to ride and be a pleasure to stand […]Read More

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