MV Agusta brings the two new 2021 Dragster and Brutale RR variants and talks about their heavy investment in R&D, engineering infrastructure, test cells, and their advanced virtual engineering software programs.

And above all the designers, technicians and engineers. Further MV Agusta brings these two new models with a new mentality and a new approach, focusing on the most refined and technologically advanced.

Brutale RR

What’s new?


MV Agusta has introduced the new chassis for the torsion and the longitudinal stiffness of the bike. It is allowing the bike to be more precise. To get precisely the front tire to be where it has to be whether on the road or the track.


MV Agusta has spent countless hours to design and develop the most technologically advanced bike.

The new seat comes designed with the advanced memory foam that allows to filter out all the high-frequency energy transferred from the tires to the suspension and directly to the rider to enhance and make riding more comfortable.

The adjustable steering damper is very easy to access and adjust while riding the bike to increase or decrease the steering’s damping system’s input.

Advantages of all the new components


The engine maintains the counter-rotating crankshaft, which is unique to the middleweight category. To reduce friction, we can see the presence of the sintered valve guides and DLC coated tappets.

Further, new crankshaft, updated exhaust to improve engine tuning plus exhaust too is newly design.

Power and Torque

There is also improvement in power which meets the latest stringent noise requirements. Plus the presence of SCS advanced clutch technology there 2.0 SCS system is a system that combines a mechanical automatic clutch with advanced engine control algorithms in the drive by wire throttle control system.

It offers riders to entirely about the clutch system.

Benefits of engine

The engine provides a smooth torque curve with class-leading reliability in full compliance with Euro5 regulations regarding noise and exhaust gas emissions.

The torque curve takes off from 3000 rpm and is growing steadily without any dips and valleys up to 10000 rpm with a peak power of 140hp and up above the 135hp from 9000 rpm to 10500 rpm.

So there is a broad spread of torque and a smooth stretch of power.


Brutale RR gets a maximum of new electronics.


MV Ride app

The MV Agusta works with unique 5.5 inch TFT display with integrated Bluetooth connection with integrated GPS module located on the motorcycle. These components are working together are in direct contact with the MV Ride app.

The app allows the rider to set up traction control. Setup mapping with the preset maps like sports, rain or even the custom map.

The custom map allows for changing the number of parameters to tune the bike to the particular riding style.

Dragster RR

The new Dragster RR combines both te track and road flavour.

What’s new?

The tail section becomes short with an entire LED rear taillight the unique passenger pegs disappear into the motorcycle profile.

The handlebar with bar-end mirrors folds into the bike. Adjustable handlebars can be tuned to set the bike ergonomics directly to the rider’s preferred position.

Front fender becomes short with outstanding support. The new unique single-sided six-inch spoke wheels.

The new 2021 Dragster comes refined. The altogether new chassis has the Pirelli Diablo Rosso 3  200 bar 5 5 rear tyres. The tyre has the rounder profile compared to the previous version, making the bike more nimble.

Further, the low friction bearings have microbore technology reducing the amount of oil required to lubricate reducing the oil film thickness. Plus it helps in the lower requirement of oil flow.

On the top end of the engine, it has the DLC (diamond-like carbon-coated) valve, followers and these interact with the camshafts reducing the friction between camshafts and the cam followers.



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