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2024 Honda Dax and 2024 Honda CB125F

Honda, a titan in the motorcycle industry, continues to innovate and excite with its latest offerings. The 2024 lineup, particularly the Honda Dax and CB125F, showcases the company’s commitment to blending nostalgic design with contemporary technology.

These models, set to hit the European markets, embody the essence of Honda’s philosophy: creating reliable, accessible, and stylish machines for riders of all levels. The excitement surrounding these models is palpable, especially given their rich legacy and Honda’s reputation for quality and performance.

Honda Motorcycle 2024 and New Honda Releases

Here are the latest updates from Honda, particularly concerning the 2024 Honda Dax and CB125F models in Europe. Here’s a summary of the key points mentioned and a bit more insight into these models:


2024 Honda Dax

  • Design & Colors: The Dax, a model with a rich heritage, continues to captivate fans globally. The 2024 model introduces a new colour, Pearl Glittering Blue, complementing the existing Pearl Nebula Red and Pearl Cadet Grey.
  • Engine: It’s powered by a 124cc air-cooled, SOHC single-cylinder engine. The engine specifications, including its 9.25 horsepower and 7.9 pound-feet torque, suggest it’s designed for reliable city riding and easy handling.
  • Chassis & Suspension: The press backbone frame integrates the fuel tank, offering a unique design. Its suspension system, with a 31mm telescopic upside-down front fork and twin shock rear setup, aims to balance comfort and control.
  • Brakes & Wheels: Equipped with ABS and sporting a 220mm front and 190mm rear disc brake setup, it ensures sufficient stopping power. The 12-inch five-spoke cast aluminium wheels add to its stylish appearance.
  • Dimensions: It’s a compact bike, with approachable dimensions and a low seat height, making it accessible to a wide range of riders.
  • Pricing & Availability: Set to arrive in Europe and the UK in December 2023, the Dax is priced at £3,799.00 in the UK.

2024 Honda CB125F

  • Popularity & Design: The CB125F, another popular model, gets a cosmetic refresh for 2024. It was the second biggest-selling 125cc bike for Honda in 2023.
  • New Features: Noticeable updates include new colours (Imperial Red Metallic and Matt Marvel Blue Metallic), along with design tweaks like red springs, a shorter muffler, and an aluminium grab handle.
  • Pricing & Availability: Expected in January 2024, the CB125F is priced at £3,149.00 in the UK.

Beginner Motorcycle with Honda Dax Pearl Glittering Blue

Key Analysis

Analyzing the key aspects of the 2024 Honda Dax and CB125F reveals insights into Honda’s strategy, design philosophy, and the appeal of these models in the current motorcycle market:

1. Market Positioning and Target Audience:

  • Honda Dax: Targeted towards riders who appreciate a blend of retro style and modern functionality. Ideal for urban commuters and enthusiasts of classic designs seeking a reliable, easy-to-ride motorcycle.
  • CB125F: Aimed at practical riders who need an efficient, straightforward commuter bike. It appeals to new riders and those looking for a cost-effective, low-maintenance option.

2. Design and Aesthetics:

  • Honda Dax: The integration of a nostalgic design with modern elements like the Pearl Glittering Blue color attracts both retro motorcycle enthusiasts and new riders. The compact, unique frame design stands out in the urban motorcycle segment.
  • CB125F: The 2024 cosmetic updates enhance its appeal without altering the bike’s fundamental, utilitarian character. The new colors add freshness to its appearance, broadening its appeal.

3. Technical Specifications:

  • Engine and Performance: Both models use efficient, reliable engines suitable for city riding. The Dax’s 124cc engine provides enough power for urban environments, while the CB125F continues to offer dependable performance.
  • Chassis and Handling: The Dax’s press backbone frame and balanced suspension setup promise a comfortable ride. The CB125F remains a model of practicality and ease of handling.

4. Practicality and Accessibility:

  • Seat Height and Weight: Both models are accessible to a wide range of riders, thanks to their approachable seat heights and manageable weights. This makes them particularly appealing to newer riders or those of smaller stature.
  • Fuel Efficiency: As 125cc bikes, they’re likely to offer good fuel efficiency, a key consideration for commuters and cost-conscious riders.

5. Brand Legacy and Consumer Trust:

  • Honda’s reputation for reliability and quality adds significant value to these models. The brand’s legacy in producing enduring, popular motorcycles enhances the appeal of both the Dax and CB125F.

6. Market Trends and Future Outlook:

  • The growing interest in retro-styled motorcycles with modern features is well-addressed by the Dax. The CB125F caters to the consistent demand for practical, efficient commuter bikes.
  • Honda’s strategy of refreshing popular models with contemporary updates aligns well with current market trends and consumer expectations.

Entry-Level Motorcycles


When considering the competitors for the 2024 Honda Dax and CB125F, it’s important to look at similar motorcycles in the 125cc segment that cater to urban commuting and appeal to riders looking for practicality, style, and ease of use. Here are some notable competitors for each model:

Competitors for the 2024 Honda Dax

  • Yamaha Zuma 125/BWS 125: Known for its rugged design and practicality, the Zuma 125 (or BWS 125 in some markets) is a popular choice for city riders looking for a reliable and stylish scooter.
  • Suzuki VanVan 125: Although discontinued, the used market for the VanVan 125 remains strong. It’s known for its retro style and versatility, similar to the Honda Dax.
  • Kymco Like 125: A scooter that combines retro styling with modern amenities, appealing to riders who appreciate a classic look with contemporary features.
  • Piaggio Vespa Primavera 125: Vespa’s classic design and premium brand appeal make Primavera a direct competitor in terms of style and urban mobility.
  • SYM Mio 115: A smaller-displacement option but with a design ethos that appeals to the same urban, style-conscious riders as the Dax.

Competitors for the 2024 Honda CB125F

  • Yamaha YS125: Known for its reliability and efficiency, the YS125 is a direct competitor in the practical commuter segment.
  • Kawasaki Z125: A more performance-oriented option in the 125cc class, appealing to riders looking for a sportier experience.
  • Suzuki GSX-R125: Another sporty alternative, offering more aggressive styling and performance-focused features.
  • KTM 125 Duke: A premium option in the 125cc category, known for its high-quality components and aggressive design.
  • Aprilia Tuono 125: Offers a blend of performance and style, catering to riders who want a more dynamic riding experience.

Market Positioning

  • The Honda Dax competes in a niche segment of retro-style, lightweight urban commuters, placing emphasis on design and ease of use rather than performance.
  • The Honda CB125F is positioned as a straightforward, practical commuter bike, competing against a range of entry-level motorcycles that prioritize reliability, fuel efficiency, and ease of handling.

Both models face competition from a variety of manufacturers, each offering their unique take on what a 125cc motorcycle or scooter can provide. The choice for consumers often comes down to a balance between style, brand loyalty, performance requirements, and price.

Motorcycle Updates 2024

Evaluating the 2024 Honda Dax and CB125F in terms of their advantages and disadvantages provides a clearer understanding of their suitability for different riders and situations:

2024 Honda Dax


  • Retro Design Appeal: The Dax’s unique retro styling, combined with modern features, makes it an attractive option for enthusiasts and those who appreciate classic designs.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Its small size and low weight make it easy to handle, ideal for city riding and manoeuvring in tight spaces.
  • Accessible to New Riders: With its approachable seat height and user-friendly controls, it’s suitable for beginners or those with a smaller stature.
  • Reliable Engine: The 124cc engine is known for its reliability and efficiency, making it a practical choice for everyday commuting.
  • Integrated Fuel Tank and Frame Design: This unique design not only adds to the aesthetic but also contributes to the bike’s overall compactness.


  • Limited Power: The small engine size, while efficient, may not be suitable for high-speed highways or for riders seeking more performance.
  • Retro Design Not for Everyone: The distinct retro look might not appeal to those who prefer more modern or aggressive motorcycle designs.
  • Limited Cargo Space: As a compact bike, it lacks significant storage space, which might be a drawback for those needing to carry more items.

2024 Honda CB125F


  • Practicality for Commuting: The CB125F is designed for efficiency and practicality, making it ideal for daily commuting.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Its engine is known for being economical, which is beneficial for riders conscious about fuel costs.
  • Ease of Use: The bike’s straightforward design and controls make it very user-friendly, especially for new riders.
  • Reliable and Low Maintenance: Honda’s reputation for reliability is evident in the CB125F, and its simple design means lower maintenance costs.
  • Updated Aesthetics: The new colour schemes and design updates keep the model fresh and visually appealing.


  • Basic Features: It lacks some of the advanced features found in more expensive bikes like sophisticated rider aids or a high-performance engine.
  • Limited Performance: Similar to the Dax, its engine is not designed for high-speed or performance-oriented riding.
  • Somewhat Plain Design: Those seeking a more stylish or standout bike might find the CB125F’s design too utilitarian.

Overall Impression

The 2024 Honda Dax and CB125F are strategic extensions of Honda’s motorcycle lineup, each catering to distinct market segments while upholding the brand’s core values of reliability, style, and accessibility. The Dax’s retro-modern appeal and the CB125F’s practical efficiency position them well in a competitive market, likely ensuring their success and popularity among a diverse range of riders.

These two models represent more than just new models in Honda’s impressive lineup; they are testaments to the brand’s enduring appeal and its ability to evolve while staying true to its core values. The Dax, with its retro charm and modern engineering, and the CB125F, a staple of practicality and efficiency, are poised to continue Honda’s legacy of bringing joy and reliability to riders.

These motorcycles are not just modes of transport; they are embodiments of a passion for riding, a testament to Honda’s commitment to excellence, and a beacon for what the future of motorcycling can offer to enthusiasts around the world.

Both these models reflect Honda’s commitment to producing user-friendly, versatile motorcycles that cater to a wide audience. The Dax, with its retro charm and modern features, is a nod to Honda’s legacy while the CB125F continues to be a practical, everyday bike. Their pricing and features make them attractive options for riders looking for reliable, efficient, and stylish urban commuting motorcycles.


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